some new facts about myself!

hello my loyal readers! im back and slightly better then new, but not by much. i dont ever think ive told you about myself, just for yall to really get to know me. i know ive done a lot of bitching and complaining, and writing of stories, but nothing to really sink your teeth into, unless youve been ocutning the times ive either spilledm y guts for how much i love my fiance (which reminds me that i need to get a pic of myself with her on myspace…. i know there is one floating aorund somewhere), or how much a desperately want the fahsion industry, the miss america pageants, and that flamboyant jack ass on dancing iwth the stars to just hsut hte fuck up about pretty much everything.

with that being said, here are a few ththings your gonna learn about me.

i have talked suicidal people out of killing themselves, one of whom is now my friend. i have also given comfort to those that were in need of help.

i have been trained in the fine arts ever since i was a child, have taken part in many plays, have produced nearly 2,000, of my own videos on youtube.

i haveb een certified in first aid.

i have written many one shots, full length books, one or two scripts, 800 pages of lyrics, am currently writing the 6th chapter of my current project, which is up to 369 page.

i have taken part in building the barn we have out in the back yard, helped build 3 sets for plays held at victor valley college.

i have tutored through my blogs, hoping that i have at one point or another, taught those that read them a valuable lesson in the value of the human spirit.

i have run for ASB president three times in a row, and through each time, i have taken part in the canidate forums and have been asked some tough questions.

i have worked on computers since i was two years old. nuff said.

i currently am the founder and co-owner of sword and scythe productions. we have a team of ten under our supervisions and they each have a few projects that we give them advice with.

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Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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