an oldy but goody!

this was written march 1rst, 2008… i think… mightve been 07.


well, well well, ive been drinking coffee on and off again for the past couple of days and i feel awake! well not really awake but still! lets see what pops up!

first on the list of things to write about is…. is… OMFG!!! shes not the first thing im wirting about its f***ing amazing! anyways, im going to write about something or other. it reallyu doesnt matter to me whjere i start because everythings coming at me faster then lightning and i love it! im usualy very somber, very controlled in what i write… or not. anyways, lets get this shin digger out of the way shall we?

well next up.. is.. is… well, i dont knwo. since the usual order of what i write has been up and outed, time for a new way of writing, a fresher way of writing, one that includes ninja midget hookers that slap you in your sleep with rubber chickens and scream out the lyrics for tommyboy!

hmm… sara…. should i? eh what the hell. might as well, im already writing whatever ocmes to mind and what better way to start then to start with ehr. althoguh shes adorable and looks kinda like a teddy bear. with out the tag, or the occasional puffs of white fuzz popping out her ear. anyways, im writing way the hell too much in a short span of time. MORE COFFEE!

coffoe cocoa, cookie. i want a cookie! more coffee, cookie, nookie, pookie, tricky flicky wicky wickard, i found somethign that begins with a lizard, ends right there, estarts at the e nd, attached to somethign belonging to a friend.

that was wierd. this is going to be one of those weird little things that goes on for a while no real point into it. of course once i get to the point then it wont be fun anymore. lets get fosed…focused. my god the coffee wearign off. hard to believe im writing this in the asb front office. yes… although im bored out of my skull at the moment. people who subscribe to my blog can really see how screwed up i was. of course then it wouldnt be as much fun writing these things.

hmm… where was i? oh yeah… sara…i have nothign to write about her…. oother then i was thinking of her this morning before i cramemd a sandwich down my gullet. thats right i called it a gullet. throat, deep throat, like the movie, only cooler.

ive been thinking about changing my myspace name to lock and load, its dr. 3 arms! in fact, after i post this monster from hell thats exactly what im going to do. but i havent finished writing random things about my self. like the fact that i hurt my hip and now im limping around liek an old person on the cruise ship from hell… or florida. which ever place the most old peopel come from. arizona!

i got bored thsi morning and started my usual routine of adding random peopel from around the world. mind you, this is just one of the many things i do when im bored and all alone in front of the computer at one in the morning. but i decided that for the hell of it, i would restart the journey this morning. needless to say that present company including steven…who is a nice guy… but he claims to be oppisite of me, a complete jack ass. which i dont beleive him for a second. man this coffee is gettign through my system faster then the speed of light. go tommy!

go go go go… enlisting, lets go there for a second because as soon as i am done with this i have to get to class. intro to flash animation… old dude tlakign about madical leave. anyways, i was walking hoem the other day and people were just flying by…. wait this has almost nothing to do to the main point. anyways, my army recruiter, cathy! or srgnt. zimmerman parked the car next to me and we had a nice little chat. apparently after she got there, mom kicked her off the probperty, i explained the whole ordeal and apologized profusley for any inconveinece.. i have no idea how to spell.

so after animation class im going to go with her to the airforce recruiters and talk with them, and get myself somethign to eat.

hotpockets are another thing, a couple of days ago, i had eaten a burnt hotpocket by which dianna called it black and hard. i dont consider the hotpocket black and hard, it was more or less al ittle stiff and crunchy. great, there is no way to redeem myself from the joke lol.

back to sara… never mind, cant think clearly with the coffee coursing through my viens. blake and the story, well, its getting there, i started writing again and so far the two different stroylines are coming together quite nicely. my fingerws are getting a bit briused so ill keep writing till i cant write any more. i wonder how much ive written already? i use all the things in the world to updatre myserlf in an introspective world. what the f***….did i just write? im hungry, reallly hungry, like my stomach is going on strike and will devour my spine if i dont get something in me fast. i think i will keep writing, just to see where this goes.

cause at the moment? its going nowhere fast on the slow track to wtf. i wonder when my class starts again. lovely, pure lovely ness. im going to try to talk to some new people today, get my word out there, and the word is…. kiwi!

sya it with me:


well that was fun, im running out of things to write about, although i could go into some heavy romantic stuff, which would prettyy pmuch distract me a bit from everything thats been going on in the last forty five minutes. wow. ive been writing for a good half hour…pretty!

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