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ok i get the fact the people rerelease dvds a couple of years after they initialy debuted into the public viewing…but why oh god why do they have to release them again….and again… and again…. and so on and so forth… its not like they have anything better to do with there time do they? extended fuetures, bonus clips, interviews, blue ray, psp, dvd, vhs, hidden plots, commentaries, behind the scenes. its all good for some things, twenty five years after the damned things came out? come on guys. i know you all have better things to do then to whine and bitch about the writers strike. and if thats your way of passing time? geez you all need to get a life.

as the for the writers strike itself… whats not to no. americas television will soon be imported from across the seas, from korean gaming shows, to chinas soap operamas, to german nude news, to dutch romance relaities. will there be anyone else in the wholle of the us who will creat a town that can provide good entertainment for us? or will the writers strike of america be the start of a cold war over royalities off of dvd sales? its almost retarded how little innovation this country has left in it. where all we can do is remake old movies that were better off in those version and expand upon triliogies that influence are lives. come on people, mace windu and yoda glowi n the dark condoms arent going to save your life from the ever present threat of taxes and what not.

the whole thing kinda bugs me out a bit. at least the gaming worlds not affected by this whole strike business. hell, if i had to choose between writing scripts for hollywood and creating good games, id take gaming hand over fist. the way im hearing things about hollywood now a days, is simply the fact that they dont want any morenew talent, they dont want anymore new stories, there satisfied with the amount of old books, remakes of the fly and melrosep lace and stuck in the seventies, ww2 era, bruce willis type roles where the guys a pathetic idiot looking for redemption… then trying out all the new stuff thats floating around out there.

as for taxes and what not. id have to say that there pretty much a unecciscary evil that can be done away with. the fact of the matter is that the goverment only keeps taxes on things and has us all go through the pain in the butt process of rifeling through old reciets just to pass the april fourteen away. while i dont have a job personaly, though im always on the look out for new oppertunity, id like to think of them as something i could never kep up with. and then the irs will throw me in jail cause i simply forgot to do them… wow. were slowly turning into the bully of the world arent we? whats thep oint of filing taxes?

the defecit. what the f*** is the defecit anyways? the national debt? who do we owe the money to? who are we trying to repay? do we owe mexico money? or france? or spain for that matter? i see no reason why the us should have a national debt anylonger, in fact, i refuse to beleive that we have one. all i can see is that we spend money and then it goes away. sure somethngs come out of it. but then the debts like the bush administration, its only real if your paying attention to it.

polotics and i dont get alaong very well, and its easy to see why. with everything thats going on….war… war was the next thing i was going to talk about.

war is ever present, its never going away, with out war, humanity will never evolve, never grow or change, we wont push our technilogical limits past what they were twenty years ago, well never out do the other guy. and lets face it folks, if we bomb the crap out of some country just because jonny come latley pushes the button on his wrist watch… will anyone really ever care? humanity as a whole, will eventualy settle on a peacep lan, and then idiocracy will become a reality were our president of the world will be an ex wrestler by the name of bo jack. sure why not, lets get into the whole “oh my god, hes siting dbz” thing. no. im. not. 

as i was saying, im not really sure wether or not ill go for asb again. its just going to be the same results again. the same questions, same worries. what vvc needs is an asb president who knows there way around campus (lol me,) who can really dig there heels into the soul of whats going on around here, (lol, uswin.) or who can be a petty liuttle whiny bitch about every liitle thing and just be a complete ass about everything. (lol, brian, not you dad, other brian.) or someone that will just f*** everything up in the long run (lol…. i got no one for the last one.) the point of the matter is that every time i run, i always go for the top, duh, asb president. mind you, i dont htink id make a very good one and end up just not doing a damned thing while in that office, but then again, i think thats why i never win.

in fact, the last three asb presidents have been really awesome stuff. they knew what they were getting into and they were all senators before hand….. wow…. i just made an epifany. but then again, even when i did try out for asb arts and music senator, the whole group pretty much denied me because of what was going on at the time. which was understandable. instead they elected in some guy who did nothing for two weeks and got canned for it. wow, talk about intelligence there. but i guess i wouldve followed in the same steps. but i dont know that for sure. all i am really sure of is that it was a pain in the butt process going up to random people and saying what i was going to do. well no more. im a changed guy now and…well… hey, you never know.

wish me luck peoples. i think im going to run for the f*** of it. cant break tradition now can i?

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