can a person really run out of mean? apparently in this post i can.

first things first, i officialy am not really fond of this place. sure ive made friends and enemies alike. but you know what? in another 40 – 50 years youl all be dead. probly of naural causes like your body falling apart gradualy. lol, i know its mean spirited of me to bring up such a horrible thing like death on a site thats pretty much meant to create life. but what the frig. lets get this party started, ive got coffee in my system and techno playing so im a happy mother smegger. thats right, im going there. i love this site… i think. lately the only mail ive been getting is from old hags and haggetes that are analy retentive about my spelling and grammar. well whoop di freaking doooo! does it really matter that much? is it life or death? will it mater in five to ten years when youve either fallen down a flight of stairs reetrieving your dentures from a galss full of broken dreams and in fullfilled promises? or was that just something that you like to do to make yourselves feel alive? cause if it does, then bring on all the stuff you got and ill return it with interest.

dont get me wrong, im a nice guy thatl ikes to have fun and hang out with friends and chill. im cool like that, but i can be the meanest little bugger when it comes to writing what i feel. i can go from happy go lucky aimlessl ittle bugger to a guy that can tear yo down faster then a bunch of explosion wracking the inside of adam baldwins phone bill. and yes, ill use whatever i can learn about yall to get the job done. im not bombing on anyone particular or targeting this site, but rather posting this as a warning to knock it the hell off with the freaking spell check police getting on my case everytime i misspell the word inaugurate. ha! i didnt misspell that.. or did i?

to be quite honest with yall, the ones who know who life expectancy is shorter then the average fly making contact with its maker.. or unmaker….merg…merg you to hell and back with a lousy hawiian shirt…. im all outa mean. so scrag off already.

Posted via web from The Burning Frat

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