double meaning

“Life…” the old professor said, in his mind a shard of life still remained as the others watched both in fascination and a twisted sense of listfullnes. “Is the most important thing there could ever be? Don’t ever let that escape you my students…” 

It had been four months since the old professors passing and the students still walked by his classroom, remembering what he had said that day. “Life is the most important thing, don’t ever let that escape you, my students.” One said solemnly still trying to figure out what it meant. Everything seemed to be a blur for her, nothing seemed to match up anymore and when the pieces did, they always seemed to fit irregularly. “Whatever… he was just an old coot anyways…” 

Another student in his forties walked by the classroom and started to tear up. “I should’ve been there… I should asked you more questions, asked you about your life… I should’ve done something to get to know you better!” his tears were dropping to the ground in a rapid pace. The old professor hadn’t been that well known, in fact he mostly kept to himself most of the time he was there. Surrounded by his books, his students homework, and his own thoughts. The other teachers sometimes made fun of him for being so tucked away in his old age. 

One of his lower grade students always recalled that whenever she needed his help he would only offer this advice to her. “In order to succeed in this life of yours young one, you must be able to only ask the questions you are sure there is an answer to.” “But I did ask you questions… and you never answered them, in the end I was so scared to ask anyone for anything, that I failed your class…couldn’t you have at least give me an answer to that?” 

That night all his students got the answers to the questions they would ask him, but he would never answer. In dream, just one, there were all in his classroom that day his death occurred, they were all sitting down in various desks scattered about the classroom when he walked into the room. His voice was old and somewhat rusty, but still kept that particular kindness and purity they had always known. 

“My students. My precious, precious students, You have all passed with flying colors in my eyes, there isn’t one of you who have failed in my class, because in your own way, you grown, changed from the first dy you stepped foot into my class. Oh sure, there were times where I could’ve answered your inquiries and you would’ve had the answer right off the bat. But my only duty to you was to teach you the lessons that you’ve grown up with your whole life, even though I have passed away, please don’t cry, it only makes this harder on all of us. My self included, the one who died!” he chuckled at this thought before regaining his composure. “My point being, that you are all still very much alive, and shouldn’t waste time and energy about wondering what could’ve been, we each must part ways at one time or another, and knowing that we’ve grown from each other is what makes us all so unique in our ways.” Then the clock struck twelve and he faded away, leaving them with the sense that everything would be all right after all. The failing student stood up quietly and looked at where the old man had once stood and smiled bravely. “Thank you, Professor Edward, thank you for all you’ve taught us.”

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Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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