love forever…

the lights dimmed down as she pulled the covers over her body and closed her eyes to sleep a dreamless sleep. her heartbeat thumping away in her chest as she waited for what seemed an eternity for his vioce to enter her mind. “i love you.” he said in a soft whisper. she knew he wasnt there, but his voice calmed her down never the less. “you do? what lengths would you go to prove your love to me?” she said in her sleep, the man in her dreams a shadowy figure, tall handsome in her mind, but he would not reveal himself into the sunlight. “i would travel to the depths of hell to save your soul, my beloved.” his hand touched her face, caressing it in a supernatural way that only she understood. “but my love… it must not be, if the others found out… what would they think?” “they would think you a madwoman and i nothing more then a dead corpse.” she turned in her sleep, willing the light to shine on his face. it had been so long since she had seen it, so very long. 

“my love, if i have disappeared , where will you go to find me? howl ong would you search?” again, his face remained hidden in the hsadows of her dreams, the columns around them blocking out the sunlight as each breath she took rose and fell like the sun and the moon. “i would go to the ends of the earth and beyond, my search would go on indefenatley, till the end of existence if need be. i would be consumed by my love for you that there would be no cure for it but to kiss your lips once more, to feel your breath on my skin, and to smell your hair andk now you oncem ore.” the man held her tight once more, his heartbeat slow and deathly ill compared to her racing heart. “but what if you should die on the way?” the light shifted direction, illuminating his hair, a dusty reddish color. “then i will rise up from my grave to find you, i would not rest until i had found you and you had found me. my love for you runs as deep and as powerful as the eternal chase between the sun and the moon. that is how much i love you.” she looked upon his reddish hair and noticed that some patches were missing, revealing massive slotches of bone grey.

“and if you were in a coma? what then?” “i would send my spirit out of my body to keep you company my love. for that is how i would go, in your arms forevermore.” “and should you go mad because you oculd not find me?” “then i would escape my bindings and prison to find you, for you are all that matters to me.” the sunlight shifted again, as did she. her memories flashed by of the summers they spent together, laughing and playing in the feilds as children. the nights they spent together at eaches families house… but then, she had a sudden thought, a flash of depression that single handedly wiped away her happiness upon the man return. “what is the matter my love? something troubles you?” the light shifted once again, revealing his pale flesh, so white as the snow from lack of color and so cold to the touch with no sign of life in it. “but you did die… you did go mad…. i was taken from you… and i waited for the longest time…. you never came…you never gave up…”

“but i did my love, just i have promised you all those years ago by the lake. i have come for you and more. for that was your wish. that should i perish i would return in your dreams and comfort you in your time of need.” his hand was cold to the touch, deathly cold and clammy. someplaces there wasnt any skin, but bone now as her memories retread an old p[ath over and over again. “but how do i know that you will return again my love?” the figure now revealed in the light, the columns no longer hiding the figure. and he was as dead as he was handsome, his now pale blue eyes shown with a dead brillance that only she could recognize. “it is almost the morning my love. i shall wait here in your dreams for your return. for i shall wait here until you too have passed on. then we can be together in the afterlife for all time.”

she woke up with a start and looked to her left, her love sleeping soundly, still alive, still breathing and still warm to the touch. “i will wait until the end of time for you my love.” she repeated softly into his ears, her heart forever more haunted by a past loves words whom had passed on, just months before. “till the end of time.”

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Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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