nother old blog… memories!

2007…. fond memories there. like kicking a blind numb midget in the testicles with spiked kleats. its doesnt get much better then this. you want to know why? huh? well i tell yous i will. olive oil is the bestl ube to jerk off with, that rumble feature on the ps2, 360 and wii controllers sould make excellent vibrators for the lonely female gamers in the world, and chuck norris is getting younger. very, very slowly. however, this does not conclude this 2007 bussiness.

in a world where a dude doesnt get fired for aswering the questions at a testimony with more i dontk nows then an amnesiac at an all you can answer buffet about his or her own past, this guys gotta be some sort of super hero. along with the dog fighter micheal vick, the hair shaving brittany spears, the paris hilton and brittany spears birthday bash…at the same place! wow! geez, theres gotta be more ego floating around in there then in all the psychologists offices in the world. “its my birthday andill bitch if i want to!” ring a bell to anyone?

then theres micheal jackson. whos not a pedaphile. but we poke fun at him all the while like he is. buts thats only because he dresses up like peter pan, plays the “hang your kid out the window game.” and has sleep overs with thel ittle guys, all the while thel ittle sisters of the world are wondering where the f*** these people are coming form. it doesnt surprise me in the least. or deos it? im not really sure at this point in time… maybe, just maybe, well have an answer from the guy with the 400,000,000 dolar hair do. you know who im poking fun at!

mean while while im gettingo ff the subject of lala land. which happens to be my favorite place to visit during the winter, bery nice weather there if you dont mind the smog, muggings, and date rapes happening there all the time. ill get into some personal matters that dont involve certain matter of which ive bitched about for some time now. but at the moment, i cant remember it. so f*** off. 

lets see here, heena. what about her? nothing, ive said all i wanted to say about her, to her, and for her defense. what ive written in the past about her was nothing short of ridiculosly idiotic, mean, andn ot really caring much for thee ffects it would have in her life. but all the while i truly like the little bugger no matter how much she hates me. take that, self centered egotism wrapped around the conumdrum of vicios thoughts! ha! good has triumphed once again. but what i wrote still is the serios truth.

mean while, ive taken up a serios amount of alchohol in my system, basicly one bottle. might go up to two, but then again, that would only degenerate the quality of this blog. the main difference between thel ittle darling and kim: i loved kim, i dont love her. i like her to an extent thats to be permitted by my own self placed boundries, but other then that, its pretty much go time.

speaking of go time, theres this little darling named noah, noa, no uh… how ever you spell her name, time to get some stuff out about her. nothing personal, just business. as usual. this gal, is freaking awesome to say the least, and thats all i can say at the moment cause the beers starting to take effect. i recently learned that my main man is in constant pain. which i really wonder why he doesnt take pan killers to get of the pain. curioser and curioser. yeah, you geussed the next segment.

the play, the cast and ed are next on my list of things to talk about. i got nothing on ed. lets be seriosly stupid here for a minute can we? through out the whole couple of years ive known the butter balled buddy. ha! take that penguin! ive never had more respect for the guy then i do at this point in time, mainly because ive had a beer in me, mainly because i respect, but most of all cause hes not one to f*** with when hes directing a play. casting issues aside, the guys a friggin genius when it comes to directing. other people may or may not dissagree with me on this point. but hell, theres only one guy carring the torch at the moment for the theatrical arts, and eds the guy doing it through this tough time that vvc’s going through.

and the cast, nick, nick, nick. i dont know what to say here, the dudes an awesome friend from the start, an awesome father, awesome husband to his wife, the guys awesome. there are two members of the cast that pretty catch my attention, brittany (have no idea what her last name is. probly a good thing.) and mrs. epps little sister. didnt have any idea that she had a sister to begin with. kudos for her! anyways, lets start with the cute always a pleasure to be ifnored by, brittany. the model. yes folks, i dont know why im talking about the little darlin…wait, big darlin, same height as me. which is the first thing i caught on to when i did have interest in her. the second thing was she was friggin awesome. ok, enough about her. onto the next little goof on my list of people to talk about here.


ok! this guys been seriosly flirting with me. and im friggin streight! what the f*** is his problem? im sure hes streight to, but god damned… leave me alone with the flirts all ready, i aint interest in going down that road, get it? good! and if you are streight then, for thel ove of everything holy and pretty much sanctified, stop it already! jesus friggin christ. wow, i invoked his name. how about that? see? david made me say that. thats how bitter a taste i got in my mouth i got from him. or it could be the beer. 

well, thats it from me. the beers wearing off, or taking full effect, and i dont really have the kafkas to go on. plus the joints in my fingers are hurting pretty badly. so ill stop from here.

oh yeah, happy holidays!

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