Pain The two boys stared at each other long and hard, they had been in fights before, there parents couldn’t tear them apart until one teacher suggested they let the two fight it out. “But then one of them will die!” one boys father said. “Not nessecerily. Just watch.” the two stared at each other, each feeling the others hate towards the other and neither one making the first move. “why are they just standing there?!” the brown eyed boy smiled a little at first, then his smile grew and grew, till his teeth shown and his enemy shaking his head slightly. “now well finish this war once and for all, Jon. once and for all.” “You’ll die before I do, Tim, and you know that. I’m stronger, faster, and I have more then enough skills to beat that ass of yours down. So talk your shit, I’ll take you down just the same.” they run towards each other full tilt, the surrounding students hollering and jeering and cheering, rooting for who they thought was better. Tim grabs at a pole on the ground and spins hard, the pole connecting only with the ground and making a loud clanging sound. “Pathetic… you need a weapon to fight for you. Watch and learn Tim.” Jon speeds through the wild swings, only blocking with his hands and sending Tim flying into the air with an uppercut that flings him into a trashcan. “Well… I’m better with a weapon anyways. So bring it, bitch.” The two go at it, dodging, swinging, kicking, and landing hits on each other, Tim slammed the pole into Jon’s head repeatedly and the students thought he was dead until Jon stood up slowly, blood flowing from the open wounds and smiling. “Just like old Tim’s…huh.” he spits a tooth out and takes a stance, Tim runs full tilt, pole in hand like a spear and thrusts forward, the point piercing Jon’s heart and an over flow of blood and screams from the surrounding students as they freaked out. “its over with. I won. I won and you’ll die for it.” as Jon’s eyes started to close, he pulls out an old revolver and takes aim with what strength he has left in him and pulls the trigger. “No… You didn’t…win…” the bullet races past Tim, only cutting his cheek wide open. “That was a mistake Jon. You’ll pay for that.” the surrounding students were still screaming, a couple of students had fainted away. “Geh…” was all Jon could say as the blood spilled onto the ground. “NOW DIE YOU MISERABLE BASTARD!” Tim shoves the pole deeper into Jon’s chest, twisting and wrenching it this way and that, breaking the bones in his ribcage and finaly piercing through his back, where chunks of lung and heart exploded from the other side. “Tim…I’LL SEE YOU IN HELL!” Jon suddenly gets a burst of life in his body, as he squeezed the trigger over and over, the rounds hitting there mark, nailing Tim in the chest, neck arms and eye. More blood spilled, more screams of pain and anguish. “my god… neither of them will die, look at them, there white and so pale from lack of life in there bodies…” Jon took a step forward towards Tim, and did Tim towards Jon. “you stole her from me you asshole. Now I’ll steal your soul from you. I said DIIIIIIIIIEEEE!” Tim swung the pole as hard as he could to his left, flinging Jon still attached to the pole like a heavy rag-doll. His screams and gasps of pain as he continued firing on Tim from three feet away, the bullets now piercing the head and brain, passing out the back of his spine. Nerves snapped, many more minutes passed until things weren’t the same. “Why wont you die…why? You think you’ll win this war between us? That you’ll live?” “I could care less about living… its you dying I want to see.” Jon said with out feeling in his voice. He pulled the pole out from his chest only to fall down lifeless. “Are you really dead? I’ll make sure of it.” Tim raises the pole above his head like a club and brings it down hard onto Jon’s head, cracking his skull wide open as his own wounds starts bleeding profusely, raising it again, and then slamming it down hard, the gut wrenching squelching as the pole comes down faster and faster, harder and harder the Jon’s head is nothing more then a puddle of blood, brain, teeth and bones that formed the jaw. Then Tim felt his mind slowly collapsing in on it self, the gunshot wounds to his head finaly taking effect as he stumbled off of school grounds and fell into the path of an oncoming riding mower, the blades, mincing and slicing and dicing, chopping and grinding Tim’s lifeless body into a bloody disgusting pulp from which nothing could be recognized. “I could care less about living. Its you dying I want to see.” were the words that echoed through the parent’s heads.

Posted via web from The Burning Frat

Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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