some deep thoughts from long ago

life. death, taxes. oprah. these are some things that cant be avoided. love, pain, happiness, sadness, depression, impression, releif, feelings, and remorse. these are also things that cant be avoided. humans are funny creatures in the light that we always find things to avoid. virals, ad campaigns, voting, drugs, inhibitions. it all doesnt make much sense when you get down to it. whats the difference between good or bad. is it merely a difference of opinion that were looking for. or is it simply a matter of the maount of experience we all share with that thing that we do try to have intereaction with?

theres not much we can do expect preservere in times where we rarely do make sense at all. there are many a thing that we can avoid, but why avoid them at all? sure it makes perfect sense to step out of the way of an incoming car o someones fist hurtling toward you. sure we want to live as long as possible. but then again? what the point of avoing the unavoidable? wheres the sense of adventure going from our people? humans… we are a funny animal.

we can say that were an animal no different then a dog or a cat. in the same sense that we breed, fight, eat sleep, have disagreementss over territory and whatever else happens to be there. the only real difference between us animals and those that we deem less intelligent or undominant then ourselves is the primal fact that we question our existence. they dont. they know there place in the universe. so do we. which kinda explains why we keep killing ourselves off by the thousands each year. in another aspect, were eactly like bacteria in the sense that the area in wich we inhabit we expand. as well as insects, since were pretty much on par with them as well.

there seems to be a lot of disagreements with the use of plants that have been here longer then the us goverment. while canabas is a narcotic, and the side effects of using said drug can or cant be proven to have long term problematic effects on the human body, it seems that the plant will never know true peace. the only reason that the goverment is saying its illegal is because of the fact that they didnt get idea to start selling it first. huh…. shows what they know.

there are many things that are inevitable, unavoidable, and quite posibly disastrous to our health. its quite impossible how many new and exciting things well find within the next century, so heres to humanity… stupid arrigant, dim bulbed humanity. may we live to see another 15,000 years of progress.

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Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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