“its over with… the fighting, the horrors of war… the union between man and life…everything… is over with. the race for life eternal, of progress towards the infinite. all over.” the stars rained down fro mthe heavens as everyone ran screaming for there lives. mothers searched for the children as fathers and son tryed desperately to hold on to what sanity they had left. it was called “the end of sanity” by some of the elders who used to ramble on about the good ol days when nothing was better then the first rays of daybreak on your face. “everythings gone… i have no morel ight left with in me to hold on my son… go! go tell you mother that you must leave here…” it started more simply then one might hope, all with the elders first passage out of the book of osul scream. a deadly passage that cause chaos where ever it was heard.

a few weeks later, there was mass chaos, riots, destabilization of entire societies falling under the weight of the degeneration wich had held them up for so long that they thought them virues… it was madness. “but i dont wanna leave you dad! youll be fine! lets go tell mom that well all be fine!” the father looked into his sons eyes, his mind flickering between love and anger until he could no longer tell the difference. “please… do as i tell you… go find your mother… shell be looking for you in this hell…” no sooner had the father said the words did he fall down dead, his heart had exploded in his chest and he had jsut enough time to say those last precios words to his son before he died.

that was two years ago since the end of chaos. an event which claimed nearly 2/3rds of the human population. all from a simple reading. it was the end of everything, and slowly but surely, the end would come again… and again. claiming another 2/3rds until there was nothing left but a dead planet with trillions of dead laying on its crust with many more who have gone insane trying to remember there lives before hand. the son, who was seven years old when his dad passed away that fatefull night, was now a grown man who had survived three endings only to rise again stronger and prouder afterwards. had died in his sleep next to his wife and there daughter on the eve of the fourth ending.

it was a sad ending for him…

to die so young inside….

only to die older on the outside…

Posted via web from The Burning Frat

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