the man with ten thousand arrows in his heart

half the world watched in horrow. news casters stopped reporting the news for it. schools shut down, parents cried, bush was intelligent. all eyes, cameras trained on him, satalites pointed out his position. everything stopped for this one moment in time. 

“on my orders… UNLEASH OBLIVION!” 

the orders that unleashed ten thousand arrows into the sky, each peircing the heart of a man who had done no wrong to anyone, and here he was, paying for it in his own blood. one after another, the small, thin metal objects struck there target with frightening accuracy. 

two thousand arrows. 

the man stood still as a statue, not moving an inch despite the force that he was up against. 

three thousand arrows. 

he coughs silencing the world at large, still standing as his heart took in arrow after arrow, the armies of the world firing round after round into the poor mans soul. 

four thousand arrows. 

his eyes glow white with rage as his hands drop to his sides. 

five thousand arrows. 

still the sky is dark with the arrows the would set him to the path of no return. “i must survive.” he say to himself and no one else. 

six thousand arrows. 

breighter and brighter they glow, his muscles quivering with energy, his mind, set on living even though his body was taking an ungodly amount of punishment. 

seven thousand arrows. 

children wept at the sight of their father being punished in this inhumane way. “daddy… dont die… i love you…” the child says inwardly, knowing what his father had done was the right thing to do. his wife crying, her eyes bloodshot from stree and her heart breaking into thousands of peices as she watched her husband of ten years being shot to death. “please, goerge survive…. please darling…” 

eight thousand arrows. 

arrows now landing where they pleased from the course of the wind changing direction, some peirced his neck, legs and arms, but most of them still hitting there mark. 

nine thousand arrows. 

he falls on his back from the weight of the sorrow he carried in his short life. 

ten thousand arrows. as the last arrow strikes his heart, his hate becomes known to the world as a bright flash of light engulfs everything. 

“i love you.” 

were the worlds last audio from the man that had given his life to protect his wife. 

“long live the king of oblivion. may you rest well in hell.” the commander whispered.

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Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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