the rath of the dancing bannas.

whats this? an actualy blog wirtten here on md? wow! just think, i couldve just pasted anyold thing here, but your special, i like you, your getting a special cookie.

i wonder what i should write about. the convelusance of our ever degrading level of respect for each in the chatrooms of yor? the idiocracy of the ebt collectors? the limited time we have on the earth? the fact the richard simmons is still on tv? well there one route i can take… but im not plastered, so its highly inconvient that i wrote something earlier while under the influence. but it does help. another thing that helps out alot is coffee. its not crack, but at least it puts me in the right state of mind.

hrm. i wonder what i should talk about. theres nothign relevant here on md thats worth mentioning here. i oculd make fun of roms inability to make friendly with the youngins… but i wont go there. ive poked enough holes in his ego. so instead im going to yammer on about something that make sense if you knew wtf i was talking about. well, like most of you out there on the ol md website, ive pretty much had a rough intro to the sites chatrooms. mainly cause i was the only person in there who hadnt had a colostomy bag by my bedside. my apologies to the majority of users on this site.

when i first signed up on the site, i was looking for nothing more then a peice of ass. apparently the only peices of ass i was oging to be getting were the idiotic remarks of the fellow chatters that were both stupid and soemthing funny to read. dont get me wrong, ive made friends here that i love and cherish with the exception of romsy. i kinda enjoy his company the way eople enjoy sitting next to a guy who wont shut the hell up about the good ol days. needless to say i pretty much had to stand up for myself and make them shut the hell up about my age the first time through. not all the chatters were bugging me, only a few. they shall remain nameless.

i guess for the newer users of md ive got some tips for you thatll make your stay a bit easier when going to the chatroom. yes this is the majority topic here since its the only place on this site thats left a real impression on me. number one, if they give you shit, give it right back to em. but stop as soon as they do and make your point known with out the aid of insults. it kinda helps smooth things along. number two, add, add, add contacts to your chat list. always do this, i stoped a while back cause i got bored and decided that seeing if i could make a three point shot with a banana peel into the garbage can fourteen feet away was more entertaining. needless to say i disapointed myself when it landed on the cats head. making it look like a cross between a werewolf, a rastaman, and carmen maranda. good times indeed do lay ahead.

number three, always hug. always. for some reason the country club chatroom requires you to type name hugs name anytime theres a new chatterl oggin into the room. you may get a few f*** offs in the end, but its worth it. and last but not least, remember common curtosy. insult the first jagoff that insults you. stand up for yourself. this is a public site, if it were meant to be a private country clup, then we would have to pay a fee. since we dont go nuts. and bring the nuts with you to this site. gets lonely at night.

another note i wish to touch on is the freaking emoticons. smiley faces with big oversized charles barkley sized hands that make mickey mouse ashamed. not mention the . yes the friggin  . youd think id get tired of the  but i dont.         ….may the cycle be unbroken

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