i often wonder if there is more to life then just the here and now. what about the there and then? whether its the past or future, events will still replay themselves in both history and our mind. there is just no helping it really. but rather than justify a means for time travel, annoy the hell out of doc brown, and give the manuer jackass a taste of his own medicine, im going to talk about something thats a little bit close to home for all of us.

growing up.

not just the process of childhood to teenage years to adult hood, but the constant process of growing up, both in terms of mental stability when it comes to any situation, and of course experience. our first kiss, our first car, the first time we have sex, our first everything. its no surprise thati find myself wandering about the landscape of my own mind, seeing the great static cling that has somehow evolved into this mental state. but there in lies the wonders, the majesty, and the delicate balance of who we are as people, and the ever present fear of who we couldve become if one single little thing had been different.

we often see in movies about time travel the basic laws and rules of it. such as in the butterfly effect. we all now know that if ashton cutcher stars in another butterfly effect movie, he will make another tv show about scaring the crap out of celebs and normal people alike. like i said before, even if one little thing were to change, then a whole nother domino effect of events could happen and change who well become entirely.

i blame miss california for screwing with the time stream. just because i can and no other reason. if life has taught me anything, its that certain events should not have happened, but they must because of the positive changes that become reality. i constantly wonder how lucky i am that i landed the fiance i did, and it often scares me how, if even one thing had been done differently, then the dynamic of our relationship would have changed drasticly.

its the same for this blogging site, im a fairly new person here, no one knows me, and it gives me space to actually be me instead of some person that everyone expects to act a certain way. and there, my fellow bloggers becomes another focal point of the discussion.

points of view.

for the longest time, i truthfully thought that everyone led the same exact life that i did, it wasnt until i had a epiphany that i realized the factual truth. that whatever i may have done that hour, that minute, or even that second, four billion other humans are doing entirely different things. this may sound incredibly basic to those of you that are a bit more experienced then i, but it still amazes me none the less.

i often imagine what other people are seeing through their eyes, and see them from an entirely new perspective, or even discover a side of them i wasnt previously aware of. my constant curious craving for new perspective, has more often then not, become both my greatest strength, and my greatest flaw. i find myself looking at the world through hundreds, if not thousands of imagined perspectives and truly see with wonderment and greater clarity how the world truly is.

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Author: Morgan Gavin

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