the rallying of the troops

my dearest readers, i call upon those of you andl ike you to spreadm y messege far and wide, to give the ultimate in humiliations to a man most deserving, through the simple act of spreading the picture i will post here later tonight. i call upon those of you who seek vengeance upon your tormentors, to use this picture as a example of the power that we all hold dear to our hearts and minds. and as a single unit call out to the great masses of those that would silence us because they feel morei mportant then us and shout with a unflinching voice:


i wish nothing more then the absolute destruction of this mans mind, for the hell he has put me through, what act you ask? through the act of the very same hting i am about to do, i have done nothing more then speak my mind about the ills of others. and in turn they have accused me, ridiculed me, and pointed out my flaws, and in turn, i will do the very same to them on a much grander, and much more broader scale. i want you to spread this the veyr same way you have done with my first attempt to reach you all. i want you to do much more then this, i want the world to know just how much of a douche this man, this monster is. and for his grievance against me, he shall know the fury of our collective ager against the antagonists of our minds.

i call upon the smart who were made to feel inferior because of their stature, the special needs students who were pushed around because of their disabilities, the poor souls who were made to endure their so called friends infruiating behavior while they had to suffer the consequences of their “friends actions, i call upon the weak who were bullied, the strong who were abused, the frat rejects and the hazing victims, the spreaders of the word and the mouths of many networks to turn their full attention to this great and powerful strike against a bully who has not complied with my demands to remove a so called joke picture from his profile, after i was forced to do so through death threats, stalking, and a horrid series of emails that i had to endure and read or face the consequences of not reading them.

i call upon those that have felt the sting of defeat undeserved, the sting of rejection because you were not at what they percieved as equality. i call to the office workers that have to work on saterdays when they would much rather be spending time at home with their families, of the victims of cheating spouses, of the husbands of volitile abuse wives and vice wersa, i call out to those that wish to feel like they have made a difference in this world, not because i ask you to do so for your own sake, but because you wish to help yourself feel better then you have ever fucking felt in the longest time.

i want each and every one of you, even those that never had any experience at the hands of bullies or humiliation, to spread this through out the web, through out every perceivable way of communication and show that strength alone is nothing, but strength in numbers, and of vast networks can deal a mighty and significant blow to the misguided and troublesome few who wish to disturb our peaceful ways because they feel they must for whatever reason they must.

my name is morgan edward james gavin, and you my dearest readers have just taken a step towards a greater world. not just a step, a full blown jog into one of the greatest things you will ever know in your life!

my messege is simple, neat and precisely aimed towards one goal. to get the picture of me off his profile, to epicly, and infinitely up him, to end the tyranny, and to strike a blow most unexpected towards one that has the intelligence of a fox news reporter… but not just any fox news reporter, the greatest, sickest, most annoying one of them all.

nancy fucking grace.

i have one question to ask of you all, and one question alone.

do you wish to take part in this? do you wish to help get revenge on someone who is long past due his humiliation, past the unending thirst for a vindication of proportions so big, so grand, so uniquely planet wide, that there will be no escape from it no matter where he turns? i want t shirts made, i want mugs and caps and polls, i want you all to go after this with a ravenous thirst, with a hunger for this one mans ego to be taken down, that you are filled with a lust and excitement for it. this is your finest hour, and long will it be remembered for the epicness of which you have helped spread it.

but this is not about revenge against one man alone. i highly encourage you to take steps against your own tormentors in ways that will not lead to your arrest, i encourage you to be smart, to be strategic in your plans whatever they may be. i am a man of simple compassion, simple rules, and a simple mind set that that screams out for the directive that we are all able to speak our minds regaurding anything we wish. it is in the actions that we take within the context of what we speak that makes all the difference. but more then that, you must make to where it is untracable to you personally, have fear, take steps of what you will. but be throrough in your tormentors humiliation. only through the undermining of ones confidence in his own abilities, can you truly have ownership of his loyalty.

that being said, this iwll be, the greatest “prank” ever. but before we can make it so, we must each in our ways, rally the troops, point them in the direction, and let loose the dogs of war upon those that would cause us harm. but also, be sure not include anyone who is not directlyat the heart of your own personal downfalls. the last thing we need is a lawsuit on our hands. they say that a picture is worth one thousand words, well, when i post the picture, i want those of you that are able to translate, to translate into your native language, telling them to spread this around as well. i want you, my dearest readers, my dearest visitors, to rally your social circles, and let them in on this. because its going to be epic, its going to give those that humiliated us a taste of their own medicine one trillion fold, and none of us will ever have to become the targets of others agressions because they think that we are not what they consider “their level”.

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Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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