the raising of morale

i have seen the future of the planet and her children, i have heard the voice of the universe call out to me like a treasured friend, and it told me to tell you something grand was in the works.

my readers, my wonderful wonderful readers, your patience with me will be forever garnered as the greatest thing ever. your continued visits to my pages, no matter how little they may be in either number or time spent reading, is well loved and treasured. but i have something of grave importance to tell you that they, the bullies of the world would have me not tell you! they have emailed me in droves, threatening my very life! saying that i am not worthy of a show, of a blog, of a mind of my own, when their hate only serves to empower my vision, only serves to drive our ambitions, for i have said to them that i am not weak! i will not stand for their cowardice, their non chalance in the way they have terrorized me!

it shall not stand my firends, IT WILL NOT STAND! for tonight, i have recieved the greatest gift a human being can see. i have recieved tohe gift of clarity and wisdom! but i do not say these things to form a cult, no… i say them because i mean them in the very sense of how you love your children, or your friends orl oved ones for that matter! the bullies of the internet, thinking that they themselves are better then the rest of us… why? because they are in the loop? because they do adventures with their friends? indeed, if they percieve the physical elements and other such intricacies a valuable part of their cycle, then they are well entitled of the benifets from which they are able to get…. but not tonight my firends.

tonight, as i have searched the heavens for an answer to the almighty collective that we seem to be, a thought has occured to me, that all events are simply coincidence. in reality, andn ot to offend my religious readers, but it must be said. in reality, there is no luck, there is no otherworldly hand guiding us to our current states. we are here, each in our own places in life… because we have walked the path ourselves, dealt with the bullies that dare tell us we are not worthy of such adoration! bullies fear that which is better then them, they try to quash it under their thumbs in a sorry attempt to feel better about themselves! this is how gangs are started, how wars begin, how this so called society is driven.

humanity must cooperate with each other in peaceful ways in order to get ANYWHERE in life. to do hings in a violent fashion, although only temproary effective, will die out and peace will reclaim things. thus, if a friendship, a trust, a hope and promis are garnered with other people, through good deeds and amazing situations, then we ourselves will conquer the bullies through a more fliud motion, and end their tyranas behaviours! the violence will end! the theft will end! in hatred will die out only to be replaced by love and peace!

THE TIME FOR US TO ACT IS NOW! NOT LATER! NOT THE NEXT DAY! YOU MUST EACH STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT! STRIKE HARD! STRIKE SWIFTLY WITH OUT REMORSE! you must first give your tormentor a taste of his own medical treatment! if he says something about you to the other people in the work place, then say something to him on the forums and blogs! and when he feels the barbs of his own actions, then you must abandon that hateful path and make peace with him. but YOU MUST BE STERN! if he even slips once, you repeat the step! over and over again until you have a trust with him that is benificial to both of you!

think of the possibilities! there would be no more stolen work, you would not be forced to work saterdays or weekends because your tormentor says you must. if only for a few mere seconds, you shall find that peace reins supreme! use the triple pincer tactic!

1. give your tormentor a taste of his own medical treatment!
2. wiat till he is at your mercy and then make peace with him and build a friendship.
3. BE STERN WITH HIM! if he slips from friendship back to bullying, YOU MUST REPEAT THE PROCESS TILL HE IS NO LONGER A BULLY!

the most effective way to do this, is to write a short story about him in embarrassing situations, reverse his/her last name so they are not aware that it is them till it is too late, and then you must submit that story all over the place. if you are not able to do this, then find your niche, and apply it to the peace making process.

my dearest readers… WE MUST CRUSH THE THREAT THAT BULLIES PRESENT TO US. if they hit you, then beat them till they submit in a non violent way, you must believe in your own abilities in order for you to overcome any and all threats. if you do not assert yourself, then bullies will run youre life into the ground, for all your remaining days.

i thank you for being patient with me. i am going through a difficult recovery period. but i will never let whatever troubles my mind, become my master. mastery over your own emotions is crucial, vital, and becomes like second nature after long enough. i urge you, much like i did before, to spread the word, the brian q. is a bully, an egotistical over confident ass that promotes himself to be better then us because he is the center of the universe. take the image i have provided you with  here and spread it acorss the internet, spreadi t like a furious wildfire! translate the text to youre native tounge and spread the word on this bully! he must pay for his abuses against what he calls inferiour people!

dearest readers, i urge you to live!

Posted via web from The mind of Morgan James Gavin

Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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