my bitching rant number 5

the wonderful land of r and r is under threat of restriction thanks in part to sebulba. sebula… scott bacula… the douche who thinks hes a moderator. i love r and r for one thing and one thing only. the ability to say whatever the fuck comes to my mind, with out fear of someone telling big brother.  sebola… ok, so what? we have to play nice or jackass fucknutola is going to flag our posts because he finds them offensive? i mena, look at this psychos list of things to flag:

  1. using derogatory language
  2. insulting or degrading towards new posters or anyone on the forums
  3. insulting the gay community
  4. racial slurs of any kind
  5. insulting anyone who is expressing their opinion
  6. has other people in their profile pics
  7. does not show their face in their pics
  8. has pics of their pets

    i mean, wtf!? insulting, flame wars, degrading comments are what r and r was built on to its current flaming glory. doesnt douchebadola know what hes doing to the freedom of speech here? sooo…. hes going to flag us… if we have pets in our pics. FUCK HIS MOTHER FUCKING ASS! I DONT CARE AOBUT THIS SEBULBA…SBEULA…SCOTT BACULA FRAT BOY FUCKER! look, i get enough grief at the house for speaking my mind, and now no nuts wants me to knock it off just because hes pretending to be the flaginator?

look, folks, this kind of thing aint right in r and r…. sexuality, maybe, flagmod (which i brought down!) maybe, but r and r? fuck no. for all the r and r citizens out there who feel that not only does this prohibit us from expressing ourselves the way we want to, but also forces us to look for other ways to get out all our pent up frustrations at happy bits and his butler jimmy twonuts. this is a fucking disgrace, and everyone who agrees with me, flag his ass in any and all posts that he makes.

Posted via web from The mind of Morgan James Gavin

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