numbers game

Hello again folks, blogstalkers, and blog stalkers alike! Just wanted to pop in and give my usual line of flirting with your attention before rambling off the total numbers from all three current parts of the seventh chapter. Yay! Or not, up to you. As you know, I’ve been hammering away at this thing, with out really knowing actually WHY some parts are getting more hits then others. maybe the storyline gets intense, or a character dies, or maybe its just fucking funny. Who knows!? I WANT TO KNOW DAMN IT! But rather then get obsessive over a pimply geek getting irradiated cause I’m insulting his butt buddy, I’m going to give you all what you want! The fucking numbers!

YOU HEARD RIGHT! Irradiated. Meaning I hope he gets radiation poisoning the next time he eats a bowl of cheerios. Damn it. And I don’t mean getting raped by the band Poison, although that might help move things along if hes EPICLY constipated.

Here are the total numbers for chapter 7: Custodi Della Realta, or more elegantly put, the keepers of reality. hey, gotta throw in the translation somewhere down the road.

Basically all you really need to know is that there is a shit load of Americans who desperately love Barney Fife. And this is why I brought him back I guess. Yeah… I know. I tease you with the knowledge and then I fuck you over by denying y’all. sorry, my bad…

Anyways, just wanted to drop off some quick thoughts about the events in the past few days that I’ve been noticing. #1 the killer whale thing? Jack Hannah owned that bitch on CNN yesterday. Bummer bout the whole death thingy. Damn straight I wanted to sound ignorant, who are you to judge me? I’m looking at you japan. fuckers. lol, kidding, i love tokyo! but you REALLY should knock it off with the whaling. fucking Captain “Crack Headed” Ahabs of the world. I just realized that had I spelled “Ahabs” “Arabs”, the middle east would’ve been pissed.

They’ve got enough oil as it is. QUIT HOGGING THE FUCKING BLUBBER! Eskimos need it to survive. They’ll wake up one morning and see Osama stealing their blubber and they’ll be like “HEY! WTF ARE YOU DOING OSAMA!?” and he’ll be all, “Death to America, and I’m stealing your fucking blubber. Also, you my babies daddy. Pay me child support you dick head. Before I take you out on day time talk shows. Bitch.”.

Yeah. Shit be crazy like that. Word. Dawg.

What else? The Olympics…. Bob Costas, needs to fucking get moose fucked. Dudes and dudets, the fact that Stephen “news caster of the fucking gods” Colbert made that jackass ride the fake moose at the end of the show, and the guy was freaking out at the end of the show? Epic. But, other then that… He (BEING Bob Costas) needs to get hit in the head with a fucking tire iron.

What elsers… Killer Whale, Bob Costas, Hauptmans a prick… hrm… I can’t really think of anything else at the moment. wtf was up with Nate “progressive retard Holland saying that tight pants went against everything that snowboarding stood for? Fuck, if I had the option of wearing something that could even SLIGHTLY improve my run time, I would do that shit in a heart beat. the fact that Nate “fucktard” Holland demanded that thin pants be banned was like the republicans voting yes on the democrats health care being a death panel, courtesy of Sarah “I hate Family Guy because they are funny and I’m not” Palin.

Oh, I’m not done with her ass. I’m going walk up to her, slap her and say “You leave Family Guy alone, you leave health care alone, and you leave my fucking Doritos alone you cheese hogging bitch.” then I’d stare her down reeaally slow like. And prove to her ass that I’m the fucking alpha dog. and no one touches my fucking Doritos without receiving the almighty slap of manliness that I’m putting down.

Mean while, I’ve been having some fun on, the fun new thing to do in my down time. sometimes its a hot Japanese girl giving me her email address, other times, its a dude with a paper bag over his head masturbating like a fuck head. But I’ve always been lucky enough to have some awesome conversations with some awesome people.

But most of the time, I get the dreaded 30 seconds of “connecting…”. I think its mainly because of the server maintenance that was going on in the past 48 hours. But I really want to fucking meet the dude in the fucking cat suit!!!! That guys so fucking epic! Oh well, I’m making connections when ever I can.

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