Achievements. We all make them happen every day, whether we know it or not. Now I’m not talking about dancing with lions while Zulu hunters chuck spears at you. I’m talking about the simple things. Like getting up in the morning and realizing, “Fuck… I’ve still got to deal with my jackass of a boss.”, and then doing it anyways. I’m talking about running out of milk when you have a bowl of cereal, and using OJ instead, because god damn it, you need the vitamin C.

Everyday, Humans achieve normally unimaginable things. Whether its staying alive for another day, to dreaming about a new piece of hot tech that no one can live with out. It seems to boggle the mind just how many times I’ve stopped and thought to myself “My god… I have a heart that beats, a muscle, that pumps blood to my brain, a brain that pumps out these crazy thoughts of mine, and keeps me going.” quite leterally. I find that fucking amazing.

Want to know what else I find amazing? The fact that two simple cells, a sperm cell and an egg cell, can make a living, breathing thing. It may not boggle your mind in the least, or it might if youre a parent. But to me, its the simple things. It’s also the simple things with other people that amaze me. Different races, different genders, how they’ve grown up, what goes through their minds on a daily basis. It’s just freaking amazing.

It’s always an amazing thing when you learn just a little bit more about a persons life. I guess the best example I can possibly give with this, is a former friend of mine, whose brother is a friend of mine on FB.

Sarah Sgralata.

Yes, go ahead a shake your heads with annoyance. But this is my note, and… to be honest, grow up. But with Sarah, I got to meet her brother Mike, and her parents, I got to see where she lived as well; and it opened my eyes to the fact that for the first time, that when people aren’t in my immediate line of sight. They actually do have lives beyond what my perception of them is.

The more I thought about it, the larger of scope I tried to imagine, the greater my understanding of just how many people on this planet there actually are. And then when I got to even begin to try to think of what their daily routine consisted of, what thoughts went through their heads… Needless to say, I was knocked on my ass mentally.

This world offers so much. Well I shouldnt say the world offers it to us, the people in this world, our very interactions with them, become a ripple effect, one thing affecting another, in even the smallest of motions. There is another example I’d like to give you, which completely blows my mind.

Heena Mehra.

Go ahead again, shake your heads in annoyance. But in that short span of time that I was able to try and interact with her. I instantly saw the dynamic, the difference in personalities that seemingly coexisted with one another in perfect harmony. Mind you, Heena and I only had a total of six conversations, seven if you include the blow up… But that’s not what this is about.

My writing, I think it might’ve been chapter 2 of my book, Since I posted everything in my Myspace blog, had made a change so great in that womans opinion of me, that I couldnt beleive it. It only confirmed my suspicions at the time. But it was still a pretty interesting ride.

You see, not only did I get to meet Heena, but I also met her sister, briefly while working the Measure X campaign. That short interaction between the two, I had seen another side of her that I hadn’t before.

She smiled. And it was epic.

These are the small achievments I’m talking about. witnessing a different side of another person, or learning something new about the world and how it works. or even the most recent small achievment of mine. realizing the fact that we are all standing at an angle, that the moon is a giant fucking ball, hovering around our planet, which is hovering around this huge fucking ball of fire.

folks, life is simply amazing.

yes, there is crime. yes, there is injustice in the world. yes, there is good, and there is evil.

but, there are also beautiful things in everyday life that we seem to take for granted. the air that we breathe, the organs in our bodies, the period a woman experiences every month. think about it. everyday things that you normally do not even take a second to think about, is amazing in itself.

think about this then. the sand on a beach is comprised of obliterated sea shells, pebbles formed from rocks, and fish skeletons. yes its true, look that shit up. google it. but at one point or another, that sand used to be either a living, breathing thing. or a mountain.

you want to know something else amazing? the simple fact, that as you read these words right now. right at this very moment in your lifetime:

the moon, is in a stationary orbit around or planet. our planet earth, is traveling 65,000 mph around our sun. that our sun, is a star. a fucking star that is in one of nine arms of the milky way galaxy.

there are fucking black holes, which suck even light into a singularity. there are fucking white holes, which spit that light back out!

want to know something else fucking amazing?


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Author: Morgan James Gavin

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