heidi montag: is she even human anymore

Anton Valkenmen? Heidi Montag? Or the diseased Dr. Frank Ryan? Which is more of a threat to our childrens national security? On the one hand, Anton Valkenmen is somewhat of a psychological mystery with the habit of getting raped by homeless people in New York Cities better slums. On the other, you have Heidi Montag, a once beautiful woman, turned ugly in the pursuit, of “Perfection”!

Then there is Dr. Frank Ryan, whose flesh tearing job as a plastic surgeon, is a far deadlier job then that of the Black Plague era torturer. What does he really do behind that mask!? WORSHIP EVIL!?

Perfection. All three are obsessed with the very nature of it. Anton, with the art of defending his pedophilia, has spoken as such, stating and I quote “That this is not an act of violation, but merely, an act of love, upon which is the very definitive, truth, protected by the freedom of expression.”. How can this be? It is an act of which you are not only having sex with under age children, but psychologically scarring them for life!

Heidi Montag? Before she went under the rusted and untrustworthy blade of the disturbed and God hating, Dr. Frank Ryan, did she look anything like regular women, that men are proud to have married! Has Heidi been worshiping the Devil of surgical nightmares? Is she one more operation away from completely ruining her already overtly disfigured body? What is the message that she and Frank Ryan are sending to little girls every where, girls, who idolize Heidi with an almost fanatical psychology?

I guess the real message here is not what she has done with a perfectly normal body. But WHY has she dashed the hopes and dreams of millions everywhere!? What is Heidi Montags message? Is it one of which states that self sacrifice pays off towards perfection? Or is it simply that she no longer cares about the way God almighty has made her? And what about Dr. Franklin Ryan? What is his message to the already confused masses?

I should fear the worst should Heidi and frank team up with the pedophalistic ideals of one Anton Valkenmen. Should we spare these Devil worshiping, child violators our mercy!? Simply because two of them are a reality star and a surgeon? And the other is, a pedophile on the worst scale? What should the voice of the world say when they see these monsters of psychological, parental, societal, and childhood abuse walking down their streets!? Should we watch with teary, dewy eyes as a woman, who is not content with her body; A surgeon, whose moral compass has long since lost true north; A pedophile who claims his crimes are art, masquerade as something that they truly are not naturally?

Should we allow such men with demonic talents, such fierce determination to make ugly women on the inside, ugly on the out side as well!? What would our founding fathers say, if they knew the strange debacles this great nation has led itself into, relenting only when the sufficiently wealthy or famous, or for that matter disturbed, brand themselves other then what they truly are:

The Devil itself.
The American nightmare turned reality!

Yes, its true that Dr. Frank Ryan is no longer operating on the perfection obsessed, tortured, twisted, and traumatized soul that resides with in Heidi Montags body. But how many other unfortunate women, who are dissatisfied with themselves, will he claim under his wing?

And what of the so called “Artistic Talents” of the pedophile Anton Valkenmen? How dare he. How dare he ruin this nations children, with such draconian, vile, disruptive, and disturbing practice! Is he in cahoots with Frank and Heidi? Will they become some sort of super threat to the nations youth? Can you imagine the horror that might become of such entrapment?

It’s not such a far leap to the obvious conclusion of this far gone idea, that with time, would destroy- no… not just destroy! Morally corrupt, religiously destroy, and pervade our culture more and more with each passing moment that we allow such demonstrations of destruction! Of what would, and will become a beacon for even more nightmarish crimes that would be allowed to be committed!?

Right under our very eyes.

Heidi, using her star power to brainwash the children of tomorrow into coming into a secluded camp for young boys and girls to improve upon what she would consider to be “imperfection” on their bodies. Anton Valkenmen would give into his sexual depravities, sexually assaulting little boys and girls, under the guise that he would be “preparing them” for a delicious treat. WHAT TREAT WOULD THAT BE ANTON? YOUR SPERM!? After which, they would be gleefully put under the gas, and operated on by the villainous Dr. Franklin Ryan, and disfigured into hideous, horrific versions of their former self! OH THE NIGHTMARES THAT WOULD BECOME!

Then, after some more violating from Anton, they, the sobbing, sore, scar ridden children of Camp “Perfection”, would be brain washed by Heidi Montag into believing that their new looks are they way god wanted them to be! With a puppet show no less! The children would return, demented, deranged and deformed from their horrific experience! No longer would they be friends with the special ed children of their domiciles of education, but monsters, born of creature of the darkest shredded psyches. They would say that their Mommies and Daddies would need to visit this Camp “Perfection”; then truly… our children’s innocence would be lost!

my friends, I reach out, a concerned citizen of these fine United states of America- nay, a Human Being, a resident of the planet Earth, in order to warn you of the evils of this potentially traumatizing, demonic, trio: Heidi Montag, Frank Ryan, and Anton Valkenmen.

Their evil must be stopped, before they truly have a chance to join together and kill off the innocence that is held dear to trillions of parents world wide.

I ask you this one simple question: How long before their evil ways infect your children?

And how do you know it hasn’t happened already!?

For those of you, who have not the intelligence to decipher, this post is put up in purely comedic, parody, and nonsensical context. Or is it!?

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