how to have fun when youre bored

well folks! its that time where i vent all the worlds frustrations into one big boiling pots of piss. you want to know what really irks my chain? when the fact that heidi, frank, and anton, are running a childs brainwashing camp without going through the correct channels and tons of red tape (e.g: vood doo zombie powder, glitching screens, and everything in between)ah fuck it. im jsut bored at this point in time. im just not in the mood to make any jokes that might result in higher traffic rates then previously thought possible. by the chickens of the federations of stars. hrm… actually. i do have something i want to get out the way. lets play a game! a came called:

what do i think of your youtube comment!


our frist contestant goes by the username lavalyzz, and her (im assuming its a her, because REALLY, what kinda of self respecting man in flaming daipers calls himself lavalyzz? but her comment reads:

“your imaginary friends, right?”

look, lavaly, i know your just trying to fit in with the other tubers out there by going for the easy pickings. or what you think are easy pickings. in fact, the strange reality that 48 year old depressed and suicidal manwhore, such as yourself, finds ocmmenting on young peoples videos, such as myself as i am only 25 years of age, a really creepy thing. maybe you should look into crocheting sweaters for all those cats you live with in the creepy house on the hill?

thanks for playing! always a pleasure!

our next constestant is 15 year old zarkin, thats his youtube name, and his comment is:

“i would like to wear your recently burnt skin as armor, and eat your heart to ain your strength.”

zarkin, zarkin, zarkin. quit drinking the fucking coolaid you little high school skater emo boy band reject. if you had just listened to theo ld lady across the street and cleaned her gutters, then we wouldnt be having these strange exchanges in comments. now would we? because apparently, as traumatized and painfully gay as you are. you do have hope. and that hope is to become a drug mule.

and last contestant is 30 year old xxmarcellxx. and his comment is:

“i like teh butsecks.”

really? then… well… you need help.

thank you to all out contestants with their wit a humor that would make a dead person look lively by comparison! and if yo uthink that was fun, wait till next week, when we have dearest natzi lover hauptman111 and his bastardized manchild twisted wood, and severely abused man slave julioley32 try to reason out, why he likes it in the ear with a rabbit cock wrapped in barbed wire!

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