translations of “rainbow peach horsey” and “prison bitch”‘s comments!

“prison bitch” #1:

“I was never gone Chuckles. LOL, all anyone has to do is look at your blog posts and then look at mine to see who it is that is screaming for attention like an infant with a full diaper.

“For over two months I haven’t even given you a thought, while you, on the other hand have mentioned me on an almost daily basis. I only have one blog spot. How many do you have Chuckles? 26? So who is the little bitch screaming for attention? Seems to be you Genius!

“Do yourself a favor and grow the fuck up! If people actually did read and enjoy your stuff, you would have comments. Sadly, the only comments you ever attract are negative ones which you are too much of a little bitch to leave up.

“Sure, my own opinion is just one, but open your eyes, you receive 100’s of comments, ALL NEGATIVE, in OKCupid, Myspace, Youtube, etc, so when you do the math, it becomes quite clear that your aimless ramblings, your silly immature rants, and your totally retarded videos are not winning you admirers, frankly, you simply creep people out and piss them off, and that is not a healthy way to go through life. At best, people are not laughing with you Morgan, we are all laughing AT you. For 26 years of age, (Sure you arent 46? You look like you are 66!) you act like a spoiled, mentally challenged 8 year old.

“LOL I’m making an ass out of myself? I dont spend every day on the net, posting crap, making videos, playing with all the toys mommy bought me. You need to stop trying to project your own failures onto others, I think you need to take a good look at yourself in the mirror, and then, find a way to get through it and rejoin the Real World Alice! Honestly, on your videos, if you are actually TRYING to look like a spoiled retard, you have pulled it off very well, but, you have failed to do it in an entertaining way. You come across as flat, irritating, and boring! I have seen little kids put up better, more entertaining videos on youtube! You are no “Ponceman” Perry there chuckles. Honestly, just looking at some of your videos, anyone can see that you are basically very jealous of other’s creativity, since so many of your videos are simply lame attacks at other people’s submissions on youtube. The other videos you put up are simply a waste of anyone’s time to watch, again, a 3 year old with a camera could create a more entertaining clip then you.

“LOL Really, in the end I am the closest thing you have to a friend here. I’m actually the only viewer who bothers commenting at all on your epic fail of a life with this blog, and, I am the only one doing so with any regard for your well being.

“Personally, I think your Parents really needed to beat you with a belt a few times instead of coddling, and spoiling you as a child.

While you might be a Micheal Jackson (He liked young boys in his bed too.), I hate to tell ya this, but you are no PETER FUCKIN PAN! Grow up Morgan.”

“i have a small penis/large vagina, im angry that you create stuff on a daily basis, and this is my way of getting back at you.”

“prison bitch” #2:


I think you always feel like a prick, all you do is bitch about others. If ya cant take the comments, get off the damn internet, or at least stop making stupid videos that only make YOU look like an immature asshat.”

“i have a small penis, and my ego wont let me notice that i only created this out of jealosy, so this is my way of getting back at you. i am the asshat. i like gay sex with cacti.”

“prison bitch” #3:

“Maybe…. it isn’t that you feel “like” a prick, maybe it’s more you can’t stop feeling pricks! And please stop trying to suck mine ok! I don’t swing your way, you little queer!”

translation: “i am an e-stalker by the amount of comments im giving you today. i am emo and like to cut myself.”

“rainbow peach horsey” #1:

“You started the shit now FUCKING END IT. you want to star shit with me . then let take off the net you fucking net bully and show me that you man enough to end with me. but no it show that you are a FUCKING KIDS THAT GOT NOT THING BETTER TO DO.. now Morgan I want to end this. write your dam book. and stop attacking people. before I start call the fucking cops on your dumb ass. and oh the cops say already do I want to kick your ass. and I told them no cause it someone out there that going to do for everyone. Morgan I like this SHIT TO END… BUT NO YOU DON”T WANT IT TO END. SO YOU AND ME Face to face.. let end it NOW. you tell me when and where.. at the mall is find at your house is better at my house even better. fuck this NET BS.. let end it NOW. tell me when.. talk it out like human and men. you just a kid trying to big man.. which you shit.”

“i really need to learn how to properly write my threats, i too am an e-stalker.”

Posted via web from twisted wood and hauptmans rage page

Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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