“rainbow peach horsey” and “prison bitch” comments translated part 2!

i hate looking back at all the fond memories that us three have had through out the months of this little drama! i really do. but you know what they say, starve a stalker of attention, and hell just get stronger. give a stalker ten times the attention he wants, and hell leave you the fuck alone! or at least, thats the theory anyways. and always remember:

“rainbow peach horsey” = twistedwood

“prison bitch” = hauptman111


just for a change of pace, lets do “rainbow peach horsey” first! SHHHH! ITS A SECRET!



“ok I guess i am your stalkers!and I will be that guy in your house eating your food. and used your pc sleeping in you bed. screw your horses fuckin you dog. and oh be at your bus stop every morning stalkers! You. don’t call me a stalkers! when you your self invite me to read your blogs. so I be your stalkers! if you want me to be.. I will never leave cause you call me a stalkers! get over it Morgan you can’t handle being famous then you should be starting shit. if you can’t handle it. I will call you again as a friend. not as a stalker if i was a stalker i listed everything i would do. I will even smell you hair brush used your body soap. I will even used them scissor that you used for your hair on my balls to trim my pubic hair. so remember when you call someone a stalker keep in mind this is want stalker do. they dig in your trash to find anything about you. they would camp on you front door step. wait for you come home. so Morgan if i am a stalker then in 2 month I get my life back. and i be your real life stalker. why stalk on the web. but thank you for calling me awesome but your also call me a stalker. so I be your stalker. please leave everything that i have listed out your hair brush your dog. your horses, your scissor. your pc and your food out for me. and also give some caffeine. it going to be a long stalking for both you and me. and thank you for all the funny reads. on all 24 blogs. I just going to stalk you on one blog. intell you get sick and tired and call the cops on me again cause your can’t handle it. and also i learn to deal with my stress in many many different way but I don’t talk shit about the one that pissed me off. i learn to hold it in intell i blow up. then who in my way at the time of blow up well I feel sorry for them. so Morgan learn to deal with stress it many way to deal with it. and you will learn. cause your jump right into the biggest stress even to anyone and that is getting married. and then after your married you think you got stress now. sheesh you don’t know. you have the weight of both of you she has your weight you got her weight. get ready it is going really stress full. after the wedding day. so good luck Morgan I wish you the best. and btw you invited me to read your blog. so how can I be stalking you. later morgan have a good day intell next time. I be your stalker.”



“i really need to figure out how to write better and make paragraphs with my threats. i also enjoy raping corpses in the middle of the night while rooting on glen becks paranoid ravings and prending that one day, i too, will be a pretty girl with a fluffy pink bow on my head.”




“ok morgan I has enough. I want to talk to the person that you live with and that your daddy. here my email address I want your dad email me on my myspace. and only him and i will give him my number to call me. trying to talk to you is like talking to a 4yrs old. throwing a fit.. so have your dad get of hold of me. and let end this for the finely time. email address is twistedwood@myspace.com and yes if your read want to attack me go for it. but i want to talk to your dad. I can’t end this shit with a 4 yrs old be hide and PC. I will talk with your dad with honor. cause he the man that rise you. and if your scare want I am going to say fine the other phone and listin to us talk. and try not to butt end. I want to talk with the man of the house and it not you. and i know you live with daddy cause the cops told me you did. so don’t lie have your dad get of hold of me. and only your dad. later morgan.”


“im going to find a child that looks exactly like you, and then rape it furiously. then, im going to listen to emo music, cut myself and draw a pentagram in blood wishing that i could be more like you. that and im secretly gay.”




“you so fucking welcome.. and I can’t waiting intell I see you on on the street like to snake your hand. but I hope your life go as good as you can have it. sorry about the old axe. and I only read your blog when i a bored.. and I know I going to have a cop calling me again. cause you like to call the cops when you don’t like it.. and i hate cops caller. more they like pussy that can’t handle life or handle them self. call the fucking cops. he call me gay throw him in jail for calling me gay.. all well and my fight is no long with you. as long you don’t start shit with me and my brother. have a good life morgan. marry xmas happy new year. and oh a stalker is someone that stalk your site every day of there life. and since I only check you out every month. so suck it morgan if you think i stalk ,,I,, ,,I,,”


“ive still not learned how to write a properly formatted comment, and have failed the no child left behind program. someday, the monkeys in my penis will beat my spleen up. that and im jealos of all the attention you are getting.”




“You started the shit now FUCKING END IT. you want to star shit with me . then let take off the net you fucking net bully and show me that you man enough to end with me. but no it show that you are a FUCKING KIDS THAT GOT NOT THING BETTER TO DO.. now Morgan I want to end this. write your dam book. and stop attacking people. before I start call the fucking cops on your dumb ass. and oh the cops say already do I want to kick your ass. and I told them no cause it someone out there that going to do for everyone. Morgan I like this SHIT TO END… BUT NO YOU DON”T WANT IT TO END. SO YOU AND ME Face to face.. let end it NOW. you tell me when and where.. at the mall is find at your house is better at my house even better. fuck this NET BS.. let end it NOW. tell me when.. talk it out like human and men. you just a kid trying to big man.. which you shit.”


“my writing skills are just horrid, i am so in love with you, i just cant get enough of your wit. i want your attention, give it to me. also, im still gay and can not properly word a single paragraph correctly. that and the teachers passed me to get rid of me. i am hauptman111’s secret butt puppet.”


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Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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