the theories of evolution of pride

of the storms that once parted
the realization of this eternal peace
from which my mind has started
to think up this dumb release
though we may havep arted way
the memories of you are still clear
but the passing of time
like so many things
is starting to make this clear

if i am to forgive the past
the heartbrakes of love and life
to each their own
tis once more dethroned
the theories of evolution of pride

admitting defeat
but lost in time
have the dreams been true
the anger inside
dissapted and died
but still no love of you

life is tricky and all it entails
that i drag behind my mind
a bag of sticks no thicker than candle wicks
but the imagery of you
is a sight for sore eyes

in truth this memory of a dream
nothing more then a fragment
still i try to comprehend
my endless sea of sadness
but i am happy
long and cold
the blood that pumps through me
a stalwart warrior of times gone past
i find myself denying no truer an epiphany

with you i was happy
with out you im not
with you i created
with out you i destroyed
with you i calmed
with out you i raged
with you i slept
with out you i stayed awake

of truer passage in this old tome
my soul has seemed to flee
before the very sight of you
i cry not of sympathy
mindless scars so ravaged and worn
so ruthless and evil
that man in the past
so much had he hurt you
that nary a man
could have you for long in his grasp

i long not for your warmth
or the scent of your hair
or the twinkle in your eye as it be
a stalwart warrior
one such as i
could have held you and still be not happy

song and dance and merriment plenty
had blinded me to your pain
so much so that i lost that once proud glow
of which you mustve claimed

so be happy and free
be soaring as the sky
be merry and rejoice
for the time is nigh
when all you want
and all youll need
is presented to you
in a gift of three

but of this peom i write in dire straights
for this reality of mine truly awaits
not one of death or life
or simply standing still
not one of merriment
as yours will soon be filled
not of spring or of love
or of stormy tides
for the thought that there might have been a time
when you might have been my bride
so i deliver this message with one final thought
one final wish of pride

i wish you the best
reguadless of any test
that any man can wish tonight

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Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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