part 2

The Hydralisk watched helplessly as Dreth jammed a backhoe like claw into John’s leg with a screech of joy and ripped off one of the parasites. John screamed in pain, flash backs from the battle a few minutes prior exploded into his mind. A Siege tank’s hatch opening as several Zerglings crammed themselves into the small space, and the driver and gunner both screaming for their lives. A single Overlord with its gas sacks blown out, plowing into a group of Medics desperately trying to heal a Firebats wounds. The pain was almost too much for John Xeon to take.

John!” he heard Dreth scream into his ear. “Stupid Terran! This is no time for you to go to sleep simply because I ate your delicious Terran meat!” the Hydralisk concurred.
The Defilers finished with their insidious plan as the Marine’s left butt cheek suddenly erupted into a fountain of blood. They giggled and laughed wickedly before hearing a humming sound.

“What is going on Dreth!?” the first of the two Defilers croaked as the little red dot slowly crawled up its stomach and rested lightly on its head. “Dre-” the Zerg was interrupted as sniper fire ripped its meaty body into bloody chunks. The Hydralisk, a veteran of these types of attacks, sprayed a wall of spines around and nailed two Ghosts in the face and crotch unintentionally.

“Does that count as five points or ten?” the Hydralisk questioned as Dreth pulled John alongside him while the Terran screamed in pain.

Shut up! It’s hard to communicate with the Overlord if you keep howling like this! Skrith! Get over here and do your best to make him stop that infernal wailing before I give into my urge to tear that tongue out of his mouth.” Dreth commanded a Drone with half its legs missing. “Better yet… I want you to spawn a Hatchery, I don’t want to risk losing another member of my group to the stupid meat sacks flying metal!” the Zergling grumbled.

Skrith obeyed the order without question and skittered off a few yards before burrowing himself into the ground, entombing himself in a layer of vespene gas bubble filled skin as his metamorphosis took hold.

‘For the Overmind!’ the Drone said as its mind simply vanished and the body turned into a tiny puddle of Zerg building soup. Dreth nudged John in the face with a claw and told him to witness the true ability of the Drones.

This is our treasure! Behold the next evolution of the Zerg!” Dreth laughed as his orange eyes focused on the Hydralisk. “Just what in the Overlord’s hive end do you think you are doing to those delicious looking, hand wrapped Terrans Vreask?” the Hydralisk look surprised as the Zerglings question and answered plainly.

“These hand wrapped Terrans, are hard to get out of their trappings, so I’m going to slither all over them until their vital juices come pouring out!” Vreask giggled at the thought of eating something finally. “besides, you have got that one over there, and you won’t share it!” the Hydralisk grumbled as he continued slowly slithering over the Ghost he shot in the crotch. “STOP SCREAMING!” Vreask commanded loudly as he jammed his scythe like claw into the gut of the Terran.

Inside John Xeons mind, the chaos still played out like a nightmare as Mutalisks arrived in droves and rained down Glave Worms that trilled and cooed as they violently bounced from object to person and finally embedding themselves in Johns medic girlfriends body, while one simply took her jaw off completely.

TRACY!” he screamed out loud and shot straight upwards as Dreth simply clasped his head and pulled him close to the Zerglings salivating mouth.

“yes… tracy. remember that name Terran, because you will soon be helping us over throw the Queen of Bent Daggers herself!” Dreth laughed maniacally, John was simply confused.
“Queen of Bent Daggers? dont you mean Queen of Blades?” John asked innocently.

“No. The Queen of Bent Daggers,” Dreth began, “Sent us to take out the Queen of Bent Spoons who slandered the Prince of Oval Soup Dishes.” Dreth took a deep breath into his small Zergling nostrils before he continued. “Who in turn was the Queen of Blades ex-boyfriend, before the Overmind disclosed that the Prince of Oval Soup Dishes was his son.” John noticed Skrith’s new form becoming visible, but kept his focus on Dreth while grabbing a cooked piece of Firebat arm meat to nibble on.

“Not to mention the whole mess that was on your Terran programming,” Vreask interjected, “I believe it’s called ‘Maurey’? About who was Protoss/Terran babys daddy. Oh my Overmind, a spleen!” the Hydralisk exclaimed excitedly as he stabbed the still struggling Ghost through the crotch and out the back of his spine.

I PROMISE I’LL NEVER SPANK YOUR TEDDY AGAIN MOTHER!” the Ghost screamed in a shrill voice devoid of all known childhood happiness.

There was an awkward pause in which Vreask, John, and Dreth all looked simply confused. “Needless to say… no.” Dreth finished his thought as Skrith finished his command and a ten-story Hatchery burst from the ground out of the little bubble that had previously been covering the Drone.

“How in God’s name did you do that!?” John Xeon asked, simply amazed that the Drone could change into something that huge.
“Magic!” Dreth said, slamming his foot into Johns face, knocking him out cold.

The fighting came back in full force in Johns mind, almost like a dream, Tracy, Johns now late girlfriend stood, trembling, as the Glave Worms ate through her Medic suit and ripped open her soft body as if it simply weren’t there. The last image that John had in his mind of her were Tracy’s eyes looking upward as a huge Ultralisk foot slammed down on the Terrans heavily bleeding body, compacting it into a red splatter, colored various shades of blue from the gushing blue medicine, as Defilers simply lapped up the blood that shot out from beneath the giant tread of the huge bug.

The next image flashed by as is commanding officer was surrounded by Hydralisks numbering fifty in all, armed with only a silver handgun and half a clip of ammo, screaming obscenities as the group of Zerg simply morphed into lurkers, burrowed underground, and shot hundreds of spines through him that were two feet in length. John couldn’t do anything but watch the horror as the officer, who, minutes before, was sharing a picture of his three year old, was killed by now infested six year old niece.

The nightmarish parade of grisly death didn’t stop with just his ex-girlfriend, his commanding officer, or the siege tank crew. A Battlecruiser’s neck had been severed thanks to five battalions of Scourge that had been instructed to fly into the neck one at a time. The severed neck and head of the ship crashed into a nearby refugee camp that held both prisoners of political and war crimes against the confederation.

John remembered the screams of terror well as his mind replayed the sounds of exploding metal, screeches of the Zerg swarm the simply devastated his colony, and his own personal battle that he fought. He had cowered in the corpse of the very Ultralisk that killed Tracy for some time, after some Vikings had blown open its belly, Firebats had roasted its insides, and a wandering Dark Templar had allowed itself to be swallowed while slicing the Ultralisk from the inside all the way, till the psiblade disappeared from the strong stomach acid that poured out.

The Marine heard the screaming rage that the shadow of death bellowed out. He saw the vision of the Overmind, the great plague upon the universe, he felt its presence within his own body, and for a microsecond felt a great surge of electricity pound through his body. He also felt the surge of psychic energy float through his mind as the voices of thousands of Protoss sang out to him relentless in their passion to see the Zerg perish from the face of existence.

John Xeon’s own past remained a mystery to him as the parade of death played before his eyes. His armor had gradually chipped away from the Zerglings attacks, as he poured magnetically charge lead into them. He remembered the feeling, as each round was loaded into the barrel, the vibration of his power suit as the round roared from its cage, and the gasping screams of the Zerglings as the slugs ripped them in half. He relished the fighting and loathed the losses. John Xeon, as the stimulants that pumped through his blood stream slowed time down, watch the ballet of the bullets as it ripped through the Zergling’s head, exploded through its neck, and tore its backbone apart like confetti only to plow into the Zergling behind it.

What am I?‘ John felt the words rumble through his mind like a nuclear blasts after shocks.

YOU ARE ZERG!” the the voices of thousands of Zerg roared proudly.
You are a son of the Protoss.” came the collected and calm thoughts of the Protoss.
You son, are nothing more than a piece of meat, packed into a tin can! Also known as a Terran.” came the southern drawl of his best friend.

‘No… I am something more… not Terran, not Zerg, not Protoss.’ John thought to himself as his green eyes flickered beneath his heavy ash covered eye lids.

Dreth noticed his pet shifting in his sleep, and had a terrible feeling as invisible energy started to wrap itself around Johns body and lift it into the air.

“No… this early!?” the Zergling growled, alerting the Hydralisk as it finished crushing the insides out of the Ghosts exploded head.

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