Half an hour later Enigmatt stopped working and looked at his latest work of art.

“Well, that’s all I can do for the time being unless we find you manual. Oh, hey Magnus! How’s it going?” there was another race here, wherever he was, also? This one looked like a cross between what terrans would call a lion and a man.

“It’s getting there, hey you got it working! Hey there little fellow, what’s it’s name?” it seemed the Magnus and Enigmatt were close friends to the probe. It looked around for it’s shell but couldn’t.
“I haven’t decided yet. I’ll let it decide once the voice programs installed, and it’s about-” Enigmatt walked over to a monitor and scratched his head. “-forty percent done, is lunch ready yet?” Magnus looked like he was choking for a second, and a second voice came from his mouth.

“yes, I checked on it with angel and she has a message for you.”
“Oh great here it comes.”
“She says to get you’re blue tingion but up here beforee I come down there.”

So it was left alone again, with nothing to do but sit and wait. It recognized a broken down dragoon in the corner,

‘Where am I? How long have I been unconsious probe?’ it was the zealot!
“Judging from the technology aboard this place, I would say it’s a ship, about four thousand years ahead of our time”
The Dragoon spazmed in surprise. ‘Still not enough control, guess I’ll have to wait. You spoke? It must have something to do with the program that the Tingion installed. I am going to sleep now in order to regain more control over what parts I still have left.’

The robots tried to recompile themselves as they sat in the small confined space. The room was about an oblong 40 square feet and about 12-15 feet high. The probe turned on his optronic link to scan his surroundings. The room was sparsely decorated with a few tables, chairs and lights embedded into the wall and ceiling. On the tables, and some of the floor, were the tools that the probe could only guess were being used for their repairs. He then saw what looked like a ball sitting in an inset on the table.

 ‘The sphere on the table is comprised of components not unlike our technology. Perhaps it is a robot of their creation.’ The probe thought to itself. When he tried to lift from the ground he remained motionless.

With his anti-gravity propulsion inoperative he decided on the next best method. “Excuse me, spherical object, but are you a machine of some kind?”

The orb floated up from the inset of the table and levitated over to the probe.

“I am Sojourn Orb number 27639, but Enigmatt refers to me as Gizmo. How may I assist you?”
“I don’t mean to be rude, but… where, and when, are we?”
“You are on the City-Ship known as Sojourn and the current date is the 12th of November of the year 3429.”
“So… I have been inoperative for 4,000 years.” The Dragoon’s body slowly hummed to life.
“It appears that you’re exoskeletons have sustained damage from both weapons and degradation. Enigmatt is attempting to repair you at Angel’s request.”
The probe’s ‘eye’ blinked curiosly. “Who are these people that we’ve seen?”
The orb floated down to the floor and four small legs reached out from the underside. A smaller orb flew out the larger and began to display a picture of the blue-haired person. “This is Enigmatt Dorikame…” The visual flashed to show another person with long red hair and a striped white-blue tail. “…and this is Angel Calemdos. They are crewmen stationed on this ship.” “Who was that lion-man?” The zealot spoke up.

The visual flickered again to show a person with a green windbreaker, dark blue pants and a black shirt.

“This person is known as Magnus Wayland. He is our guest, as are you two. He is also a fellow crewmen and and able-minded stragetist.”
“Do you suppose this Magnus knows what became of… of our people?”
“There is no need to bother him with that. The City-Ship Sojourn has collected data from all four quadrants of our galaxy. I’m sure there is some information in our database. Please stand by.” The ball retracted back into the orb and a soft warbling sound echoed throughout the small room.
“This ship seems to be well founded.” The probe spoke to his compatriot.
“True, but let’s not trust them wholey just yet. Something is amiss here, but I cannot locate the anomoly.” the dragoon squawked uncomfortabally.

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