the dark one, part 2

‘ I thought I told you to stay away!’ Brutus thought coldly, more so because he knew there would be serious risks and did not want this particular unit to be destroyed.
‘I am the one they chose Brutus. Why? I don’t know but they chose me never the less. Said I had good chemistry with you.’ the observer said flatly.

‘Still, you should have refused, I gave you a new body after what happened to your dragoon shell. The only part I could recover was your brain.’ the observer remained silent, listening intently. ‘Even so, I had trouble getting the wiring right. This is the only body you have now. I don’t want you to make the same mistake twice, Archon Servert.’ brutus finished lecturing his friend and continued walking towards the shuttle.

Servert could only hover in shock but quickly shook it off and resumed his cheery outlook. “Oh well! watch, you’ll have to put me into a probes shell next, HA HA HA!’

‘Silence you’re audio port. We might as well board the shuttle.’ brutus said sarcasticly, punching the observer lightly.

She shuttle was equipped with chains, ports, and wires that would eventually change Brutus into a merciless all powerful killer. ‘Home sweet home as the Terrans say. I always disliked this part of the ride.’

“That, makes two of us. I’m going to link up with the ships computer and see where we are headed off to. So do not interrupt brutus.”

Brutus laid down into the form fitting space in the wall meant for him. His thoughts were not of the wires plugging themselves into the chains around his arms and legs, nor of the ports that locked the chains into place so he wouldn’t escape.

‘What do we know about Braxis Severt?’ the Archon had long since switched into the shuttles computer.

‘Well, you’re not going to like this one bit Brutus.’ servert reported in a bitter tone of voice.
‘Tell me anyway. I can not like it some other time.’ brutus barked.
‘Well, it’s literally in between a block hole and a white hole.’ servert reported in a monotone tinny voice.

Brutus closed his eyes and found this planet in his mind. And what he saw he did not like. “You’re right, I didn’t like it. How long till we lift off? I don’t like these things.’

“Ten minutes and counting, my friend.”
‘What else did you find out?’ brutus started to ask when he felt a bump on his legs. ‘Who told him he could tag along?’ Brutus asked curiously as the small frame of a half finished probe boarded the shuttle.

Severt answered smugly. ‘He, as you put it, would be my back up, your home maker and defense builder. Well other then being completely soaked in Zerg breeds, mainly Zerglings and infestors, having spore colonies ten to a clump, and millions of over lords patrolling it’s surface… it would make a nice place to settle down and raise the little tikes!’

‘That machines really changed you, you know that?’ two minutes later Brutus became confused. ‘What are these ‘tykes’ you speak of?’

Ten minutes later the shuttle lifting off, it’s precious gift not knowing of the role he would soon be playing.

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Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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