well folks, i dont know how to say this, but i think all of my projects are pretty much crap, i dont know how, but ive losti nterest in writing them, and i dont know why i even bothered starting them. the plots are crap, the characters are crap, the over all ideas are pretty much crap. think im being hard on myself? damn straight, in fact, there arent many redeeming qualities to any of them. i know at first i was all lovey dovey with everything when i first started posting here, but honestly, who actually gives a damn about these any wyas? whats the actual point of writing these awful things if all im gonna get are comments that pretty much say they are crap!?

yes this is a rant, an angry rant, one that will maybe be deleted withi n fifteen minutes of posting, im now realizing that maybe the best thing i couldve done was avoid any group situations where id be constantly under the editorial scrutiny of every dimebag writer that pretty much writes here.

i am sure the whole point of fan fiction is to just write for the enjoyment purpose of it, and somewhere along the road ive gone from this awesome guy, to a total shit head, oh im sorry, no swearing, my cair rage is unacceptable! UNACCEPTABLE! to be perfectly blunt, im not happy because im not getting the feedback i crave, and theo nly way i continue anything now a days is with feedback, and os far, no feedback on the one thing that is original! the firstp art maybe, but not the first!

im trying to improve my writing style and im losing patience with myself once again to the over all scrutiny of others, and have someowtriggered my own self destruct button! mua ha ha! i am a bitter, angry little man right now and nothing i do will ever really matter in this life or a repeat of this hellish lifetime of mine!

so whats the point of even writing this if its just going to get downturned by the elite writers of fan fiction!? do any of these actually get transferred to books being published, or do we all just sit on our thumbs and enjoy this whole frigging useless prospect!? yes im being harsh, yes im being unenjoyable, butl ifes not about enjoying the little things is it? no, its about repeating the same damned thing, over and over till we all get sick of it, and run ourselves into an early grave!

fuck it, im through with this fucking site! im always getting shunted down to the low rung of crap when ever i put myself in any group situation, so what makes me think this place will be any different!? does anything i say actually matter to anyone or will i just end up hanging myself with al ittle fucking note that says “sorry,. but if you want osmeone to blame, blame the people on sc.org, or myself, which ever is more fucking convient!?” ?

no, i dont think this should even last ten fucking minutes on this site wit out some mod taking it down like its evil itself incarnate! lmao, this site is utterly pathetic in almost every conceivable aspect, and yes my chair rage is overflowing because maybe at heart, im just a fucking forum troll whose lost his fucking way and thought that writing useless peices of fiction will actually get me somewhere!

but dont worry, im not pissed off at this site, or the users, im pissed at myself for belieiving that i oculd ever get anywhere in life just by sitting on myass and repeating the same dmaned things over and over and over again! why bother even reading this far if you already know what the fuck to do mods?WHY!? is it because yu feel this offensive content will infect the youngins minds to the evils of the world they already know and hate?

fuck it. fuck it. fuck it. fuck it. fuck it. you know what? you want to know my actual id from before, so that way you people can just ban hammer me to hell from ever ggetting on to this site? ill tell you.


ive brought down forum threads with a few simple key strokes, iver cllasped mod threads with scroll nukes, scroll bombs, pages upon pages of useless ingformation that ruined the general experience of threads everywhere! I AM TROLL EVIL INCARNATE AND YOU MUSTP ROTECT EVERYONE FROM MY CHAIR RAGE! AND THERE IS EVERYTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT! SO DO YOUR BEST TO KEEP ME OFF THIS FRESHLY MINTED NEW SITE, THIS BABY BOOMER OF A REVAMPED OF A DECREPID SITUATION THAT IN DUE TIME WILL FALL INTO THE HANDS OF HISTORY!


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Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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