hatpiss111 translated part 3

you know what folks? ive been poorly using the comments that dearest hatpiss111 has been sending me. instead of lumping them together and wasting his all his hard work on one lump sum of equally stupd and useless information and chair rage, let us savor these delicious morsels of comments in groups of five, because, lets face it. if the e-stalker hatpiss111 wants attention like a little baby, and writes things that say that ive failed, when i have so lovingly embraced this wonderful site? for shame dearest hatpiss, for shame!

remember folks, hauptman111 is nothing more than a spurned woman, angry because she can hurt me any other way then to write these piddly little blogs at the link in the subtitle above this blog, then i shall have to return the favor, and translate her loving words, into something that can be readily understood by the general masses.

posterous: the drop dead easy way to tell stalkers to shut the flying fuck up!


hatpiss111 comment #1:

“PRAISE THE LORD!!! I was afraid you two would hook up and make another pathetic EMO retard just like ya, except with a humped back! The very last thing this planet needs is a little copy of you running about! Or maybe… I’m sure little Morgan Jr. AKA Quasimodo would live a better life then you!! The world needs more Bell ringers.”


“i am a petty, self loathing woman with tiny breasts, a clit no man can hit, and a sourpuss because my period bleeds me dry like the banks to the american public. also, i am angry. very very angry.”


hatpiss111 comment #2:

“LOL from the statement below this one, and your continued attacks of Defamation of character on Brian, I would say Karma is really hitting you hard Chuckles! Do yourself a favor and get over yourself! Put yourself into a nuthouse and get some help!”


“my life is so meaningless that i write over emotional poetry at the dankest, most spider infested parts of my parents basement. also, i cut myself on a regular basis and hope the dark ones take me away in my restless slumber.”


hatpiss111 comment #3:

“Shit Gollum! I thought you died in Mount Doom!!! I guess putting the ring on your little penis saved you eh! Preciiiiouuussssssss!”


“i am sad. kill me now. sad face.”


hatpiss111 comment #4:

“Your projects and book are just as F’d up as the rest of the crap you blog!! Do yourself a favor Chuckles and just find a cave to crawl in! No one cares, about leafs, why dont ya join Yatta? You might just learn how to be happy!”


“ive secretly joined yatta. join yatta, they have tea leaves.”


hatpiss111 comment #5:

“I’ve reached a crappy part 20” I would say the whole thing is pretty crappy Chuckles. The Phrase, “Epic FAIL” is how I would describe your …. you call it “writing” O_o ????? If you waste the paper and ink to print this stuff, better keep it next to your toilet, the only thing it’s good for is to wipe your ass with.”


“i am very, very, very, sexually confused about myself, and have tried sexually assualting a cactus. i have failed and the cactus now has a restraining order against me.”


hatpiss111 comment #6:

“You call this…. crap…. writing? Must not have made it past a 3rd grade writing level!!!

Yeah yeah, I know you will remove my comment, you are a commie bastard at heart. But then again, I am pretty sure I am the only one who actually read this dribble.

Dick and Jane books are more entertaining then this mindless garbage. You don’t have one original thought in your head do you? It’s like you took little snippets from every show you have ever watched and tried to get them to work together in a totally incoherent ramble of words. And your spelling still sucks, you do know that this blog offers a spellchecker right? Get your mommy to show you how to use it!!!”


“ive killed my parents and am now displacing my anger towards my violent acts as your fault. by the way, i love having sex with dead things. everything is hard.”


remember folks:

comment = what was written!
translation = what he actually means!

arent you so glad that im here to do these things, so that dirty doctors on the black market dont have to?

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