hatpiss111 translated part 4

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hello again folks, and welcome to part four of ol hatpiss111’s translated comments! lets get to the fun!


ol hatpiss111 comment #1:

“Actually chuckles, this is the first time I have popped in for over a month! Unlike yourself, I have a LIFE beyond the internet.

I can see that nothing has changed in your dismal existence. All you can do is bitch, whine, and moan, even during the Holiday season! How utterly pathetic! Ya know Chuckles, everyone rants, once in a while, but they don’t make a career out of it. No one gives a shit how you feel anyway, honestly, from what little I have read, it just makes me laugh that you are so F’d up with your life.

Do yourself a favor and find a job, get a real life, and stop whining about everyone else. You are responsible for you dude, take a happy pill for Christ’s sake.

Merry F@ckin Xmas to ya!!!”


“i still have a small penis. and this makes me mad. so this is my way of getting back at you.”


ol hatpiss111 comment #2:

“You’re actually proud of this?

And hey! Thanks so much for the special blog-site just for me!! It just proves my point, that you can’t actually ignore me. On the contrary I don’t think you could get through a week without me making a comment about you, I mean let’s face it, every time I have gone onto other things, you go apeshit within days and start putting up blog comments about me :)”


“im a very sad person. i need help with my obsession.”


ol hatpiss111 comment #3:

“Maybe…. it isn’t that you feel “like” a prick, maybe it’s more you can’t stop feeling pricks! And please stop trying to suck mine ok! I don’t swing your way, you little queer!”


“my sociopathic tendancies betray my inability to deal with a situation and move on.”



ol hatpiss111 comment #4:

Halloween is OVER! take the mask off before you scare some old lady!!”


“i am an old lady.”


ol hatpiss111 comment #5:

“LOL Really? Maybe in Sugar-Candy-Gumdrop-Rainbowland, but hardly in the real world! My account is just fine Chuckles, why? Because you cant tell the difference between constructive criticism and bullying.

So how much denial are you in there Chuckles? I think anyone taking a look at your site and then my own can see that I hardly even think about you on a daily basis, while you on the other hand mention me all the time!! 🙂 LOL but using the old 6 year old playground defense of “I know you are but what am I?” Just shows how lame and retarded you really are here Chuckles.

Tell ya what, let’s see how mature you really are, why not prove to your readers (Hmmm, I really dont see any around but just for the sake of humoring you…) that your comments above are facts, here is my blogspace…. http://itsallaboutstupid-hauptmann111.blogspot.com/ and anyone is welcome to come along and see if I actually talk about you on a “daily” basis. Then they can go to your main site and see just how often you have hissy fits about me, Brian Q, Uswin, Twisted and the rest of the folks you feel so wronged by!

Of course I know you are just a little bitch and you will take this down or doctor it, which is why it will be up on my own site.

Thanks for the laughs though and for this great page, it honestly continues to show how much you lack in intelligence, Love the Quotes.

And your comebacks…. Well like your writing, they seriously lack in any originality, but do keep trying.

See ya on Myspace Morgan :)”


“i am angry that i have lost myspace because i got caught doing something bad, and i am ashamed, so this is my attempt at covering up the fact i lost my myspace. also, i really need to learn how to put in a decent link. i am an angry, scared, old lady, that wants to fuck my mailman.”


just remember one thing ol hatpiss! your comments are never safe from me! who cares if you dont like what i write? i sure dont! and by the way? your angry tampons string of hell is showing. thanks for playing! and see ya next time on ol hatpiss111’s translated comments!



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