must be a blue moon

Hello folks… seems to be how I always start these things. A few nights ago in a chatroom labeled “Ning”, I was beset upon by the likes of a fat dude, who was drunk and angry (they seem to jiggle when they shake their blubbery wrists) and a dude with nothing else to do but scream and bash his fist into his face.

Fun stuff, always a treat.

Anyways, the two decided, by some interesting prospect, to change their chat handles to my chat handle, namely “Morgan James Gavin”. And then the fun started. While I simply continued on, powered by my own brand of “Shut the fuck up”, they simply retaliated in what they must’ve assumed was genius work.

But yours truly had a plan, I wrote lengthy bits without spaces, I changed my texts color and font, I used every available means to get them to stop.

I was like Stretch armstrong with a boner.

Needless to say, the man who loved the feeling of his bones breaking under the force of his own fist, loved me too much to go away. Much like Hatpiss111. Anyways, after a while I started getting a little bit interesting. Like I’m not already, but I digress. I delved into that seldom used part of my mind that becomes my ultimate weapon.

That’s right folks, my realization about EVERYTHING! I ripped the “Fist to face guy”, (or was it the “Fat Jiggly One”? I can never remember) a new one so vast he had to change his ID twice to get the sting of my verbal tornado out of his mind. I was genius! I was epic! I was like one of the rare few, who upon climbing Mt. Trebek, stabbed the fucker in the head with a jello shot! Yes….

It was that epic.

But I digress my fellow readers, blogstalkers, and of course, e-stalker, I went into this phase of mind where things simply clicked into place, and my truest, most pure essence came out like a vat of fondu cheese being poured on a chicken greased up during a mud wrestling match! And during this relentless persuit of the meaning of the varied Human existence, I nailed down three positively epic truths:

1. Everything is a pain in the ass routine we simply need to repeat everyday in order for us to feel good about ourselves.
2. Cybah stalkahs, bullies, and Glenn Beck, feel they deserve the spotlight on them entirely. Any deviance from them results in a catostrophic meltdown.
3. The mind and the body, while interconnected, are separate entities when it comes to being able to be copied. While the body, having a genetic code unique to itself can simply be cloned, can’t be duplicated, the mindset of any person can by other people.

You already knew that right? But it does some interesting things. I’d rather not get into that because if I do, then all Hell will break loose, and there are ten of the little fuckers, so I don’t want to try. That and I’m a bit lazy. So it all evens out in the end. Truth be told, I’ve been too busy to even remember the simple things.

Like my cellphone.

And where I put it after I finished using it.

Seriously, its ticking me off.

You can always count on me to cause some sort of interesting ruckus around the place, considering that I’m usually the one at fault for something that might’ve been completely harmless at one point. And normally, if it had been any other year, and I had learned of Posterous, I would have gladly been ranting and raving about the unfairness that the Victorvalley college ASB had doled out on me for several reasons which I can never remember. Truth be told, it was some fun summer loving that got me all riled up.

Well… not exactly, mostly it was my own fault for not opening my mouth and speaking my mind about any old thing. Because lets face it, life’s more interesting when you’ve been blamed for everything from misunderstandings, to almost getting into an intentional fight because of something you wrote on the net. And maybe I should just leave the comments on so Hatpiss can get his few measley idiotic words in.


Hey, I don’t care what he has or hasn’t been writing on that stupid blog of his, I’ll say what I want on this about him. Besides, Hatpiss aint his ID so I can’t get in trouble for writing something about something named Hatpiss can I? Unless there is a Hooters like establishment named Hatpiss. although I think that if there were, I don’t think they’d be selling beers there. Infact, Hatpiss might actually turn out to be a good title of a movie.

Oh well. But lets face it folks, if you watched any of the political attack ads, you’d know, and I’m sure you’ve noticed a simple theme streamlining each of these horrid debacles.

They all are lowering themselves to appeal to the younger audiences. I mean seriously, we’ve gone from intelligent ads that display facts about the person they are attacking to simple demon sheep.

DEMON SHEEP! OH MY GOD! As if the intellectual bar has not fallen closer to the ground than the amount of effort Hatpiss puts into each of his creepy little demon sheep filled entries. I’m kidding of course, Hatpiss doesn’t have any demon sheep. Just creepy little entries of self depreciating hate. ZING AND BOOSH! At any rate, when we have things like demon sheep running about in places where the Youtube generation seems to get a kick out of it, then we actually do have to question whether or not our educational system is doing any good.

Dont fire the teachers, lead the stupid ipod lemmings to a cliff and push one off to see how many others jump off in hopes of being the cool kid on the block. Because that’s whats happening folks. The youth of today is simply not smart enough to engage people intellectually with out the use of Wikipedia, Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Or texting for that matter. They are simply bred into a world where technology has taken a firm grip of God’s balls and squeezed so hard, that motherboards pop out his tear ducts.

Fifty terrabit motherboards mind you.

It’s God, so he shouldn’t be in the much pain.

Speaking of tech, it seems that China will be getting its own balls squeezed by the fact they underestimated the use of being shut down. I know it’s just breaking news, but here is my prediction.

China, with out a real sense of what the fuck to do with out Google, will simply go insane, as businesses spiral out of control, the people finally get a glimpse of just what the hell they are missing out on regaurding pay checks, and then China’s Prime Minister’s head will implode on itself (figuratively speaking) and the Communist nation will go into a white zone where shit just starts progressing.

I’m all for the freedom of speech, and the fact that in a world where information is just gushing out everywhere, China’s population is still in the dark about what is out there. I mean really, if people knew what they were missing out on, then wouldn’t progress be made through the natural selection act made possible in the year ‘The Single Moment Time Began’?

What I don’t get is what China is so afraid of. What, they want to be stuck in a 1950’s like paystub for the rest of eternity, or at least until the sun explodes and kills us all off? Seriously. What the fuck is up China? Why you gotta be a bitch like that huh?

Kidding. China’s not the bitch of the world, Hatpiss is the bitch of China, who is the bitch of the universe. Feel that? I just traded China for a pack of smokes.

While I was editing this mighty blog of mine, some other more interesting thoughts came to mind, of which I willeth displayeth hereth foreth youeth. Revenge of the Eths!

1. If Chuck Norris and Betty White got into a fight of cosmic proportions, do you think Africa would start talking shit to Oprah?
2. Regaurdless of whether or not the afterlife exists, do ghosts get boners?
3. Do Gerbils have healthcare plans?
4. Ten thoughts never thought about are about to be thought about. Think about it.
5. Does Stephen Hawking ever get any action in that chair of his?
6. If a extreme wrestler enters the womans restroom, does he come out looking like Jodie Foster after a botched surgery?
7. Do demon sheep get it on with angelic lions?
8. I really don’t like cheese and cookies if taken together.
9. Tosh.0 is nothing more then a Youtube commenter with a flashy entrance and a top hat. HE HAS A FUCKING TOP HAT!

Among these more, interesting thought I have is the monumental procedure in which everything just goes to shit, and you are simply bombarded by strenuous thoughts, by which no man will escape with out thinking his balls have shrunk into raisonets.

That and my eye brow is twitching. Imagine that. I think that would be like if some strange person decided to stand on a soap box and slap his junk around with a tazer in front of a bus filled with extreme Japanese conservitives with cameras. Think about that shit, that would so fucking happen in New York.

Speaking of awkward things happening to an unsuspecting public. Apparently a TV network aired two hours worth of porn previews during a childrens show line up. You know, this kinda gives a new meaning to the title “Dora the explorer”. Yeah, you saw where I was going with that shit, didnt you? Lmao.

Now for the grand finally, where I blurt every single thing that comes to mind like the back of a Russians foot after failing ice skating to the Sweds. Oh I went there, no matter how inaccurate I am, the Ruskies lost! And we still got our asses handed to us in hockey by the Maple Syrup Suckers. Canada, I’m talking to you. Lucky bastards.

Oh hell, I think my brains going to explode into a shower of epicness with the likes that Heman shall never see. Because he’s a fucking cartoon, dicks. If ever there was a moment in time where I could travel through time, and kick someone in the face hard enough to send them forward in time, to where they knock someone back in time to kick me in the shins? I would so do that in a heart beat. Oh yeah this is something I’ve always wanted to write in a public forum:


My apologies to the Middle East, I was only saying that to piss the KKK off. OOO! I JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING ELSE!

Let Gay Black men into the KKK you stupid redneck hicks! So what if they want to hate against their own kind! It’ll give you something to laugh at while your kids flunk out of school and get raped by Billy McfFeelemup!

My apologies to anyone with that unfortunate last name. And my awesome congrats to the bloodline that belongs to.

Now that Im thinking about it, what would a pot of fondu cheese being poured on a greased up chicken during a mud wrestling match actually look like? NBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics, marred only by Glenn Beck and Eric Massa tickling it out in the verbal ring of death! CREEPY LITTLE WHITE GIRL FELL DOWN GO BOOSH!


I sure told that G key. Damn it.

The one thing I hate more then the feeling like you have to piss and shit at the same time, is when you have to piss, shit, burp, fart, and sneeze at the same time. Thats gotta make an awkward family picture right there.

I also will declare a Fatwa against my boogers if they don’t leave me alone

Jihad Janes story: I watched “Desperate Housewives of OC and thought that I wanted to blow up the United States of MY FUCKING NOSE HAIR WONT LEAVE ME ALONE! WHY!?

Wow… Two thoughts that should never go together. Change that… Three thoughts. Nose hairs, terrorism, and “Real House wives of Orange County.

Well, that wraps up this insane thought fest. Now to edit and put this sucker up! Another four pages of fucking editing!

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