must be another blue moon

Hello folks! I thought I might as well give y’all another rampaging look into the inner workings of my mind. I know that for one thing, I’m getting a bit popular all over the fucking place, ive got HDBuzz… well… buzzing my stuff up there, and I’ve got a pretty sweet number of subscribers (22! I’M GETTING UP THERE! WHOO HOO!) for my main blog, plus a few of those same Subbers (subscribers) for some other blogs I’ve got set up. Now, I know what you’re thinking… Well I dont, I just like to pretend that I do, to give my worth while existence, even more worth for your while! Mua ha ha ha! Okay, enough evil laughter for now.

Anyways, I FINALLY GOT PART 6 UP AND RUNNING! Fucking phenomanal, considering that I got stuck part way through it. I’ve decided to go the easier route, and skip all the pretentious stone skipping, and pull the almighty mighty Red Herring out my ass and place it out for the world, in all its ass smelling glory, for you all to witness what I can only presume to be a bigger screw up of a delicately produced plotline. Or not since I regularly change my mind about what I actually want to do with the plotline itself.

Yes, I have been a busy man. I now have a Gmail account, unlike those Yahoo whores (PSST! I’M ONE OF THEM! STILL!) who’ve managaged to screw up yet another thing in life (FUCKING 49ERS! THEY TOOK OUR JOBS!), never mind! getting back to the point at hand! Okay, I’ve manage to run through a shit load of Posterous blogs, seriously!

1. Boy band rejec ted = nixed
2. The terran and the zergling = divorced with out a prenup
3. The dark one = slapped off a cliff
4. The tingion and the probe = shot in the face with mustard gas
5. Morgans pics and videos = sniped
6. Severe darkness = tazed to death
7. Sarah palins notes = choked on a chicken bone
8. The kings rants = victim of snuff filming
9. Dances with wiis = cannibalized
10. Chat roulette hell = furbied (thats fancy talk for filled with raw meat and m80s and exploded)
11. Short shit shorts = overdosed on f.u.n (Fucking Unholy Narcotics)
12. Morgans drunken rants = stillborn (fancy talk for killed off five minutes after creation)
13. Ash harry and the hydra brothers = wrapped in plastic, shoved in a hole filled with sterno, and set on fire

I am however, considering bringing back blogs 2 through 4,11, and 12, and maybe making another one, plus creating a sports, tech, polotical, local (tricity: Hesperia, Victorville, and Apple Valley… should be interesting)… Ah what the hell… Ill bring back number 10 as well. I mean, here on Posterous, we’ve essentially got a gigabyte of space, and the only thing that annoyed the hell out of me before was the fact that i had to scroll down a ways to find the blog i wanted.

But I’ve learned a few tricks of my own in my short period of time away from Posterous, my dearest, sweet Posterous. *licks screen* mmmm Posterousy. Lmao, that reads disturbing. Anyways, that will bring my total bloggyness up to… hold on, let’s do the numbers here:

1. Mind of morgan
2. My speaky place
3. Sogno della dinistia
4. Twistedhauptmans rage page (might change the title of this one)
5. The dark one
6. The tingion and the probe
7. The marine and the zergling
8. Ash harry and the hydra brothers
9. Short shit shorts
10. Morgans drunken rants
11. Tricity news (title pending)
12. Sporlotechal (sports, polotical, tech,)
13. Chat roulette hell

So all in all…. wow… thats a lot of blogs… I will have to get all those taken care off soon. And find different theme schemes for all of them that are pleasing to the eyes… hrm… might create a “Blog Zero” so to speak to keep you all up to speed and whats been updated… why do I take simple things and just make them huge as possible? I mean, four is manageable, four is fun, I can handle four, but fourteen? Wow… well… this should be interesting none the less. Might need help managing everything and keeping things up to date, if your interested in helping me manage this huge potentially earth exploding project, please send your requests to I’ve got me some work to do!

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