Ash Harry and the Hydra Brothers, part 1

It was a usual day in the space colonies that had adopted the western look for there ships. They had also a secret weapon that only a few scientists knew about.
“How’s he looking today? any changes?” the dakr brown haired man asked his colleage as he took a sip of his coffee with one hand while punching in a few figures with his other.

The Terrans had gotten the idea from old westerns that we’re made in the 1970’s. They watched in awe in what they thought were historical documentaries, as a cool, calm, and collected gunslinger known only as “Dirty” Harry Callahan finished off hundreds of men with his trusty colt .45, defeated the bad guy holding the girl hostage with the famous saying, “You got to ask yourself this one question, did I shoot five times or six? do I feel lucky? Well, do you? Punk?”.

They also watched the Evil Dead series too and studied the hero Ashley Williams quick thinking.

“No, not since yesterday, should we run more tests to make sure he’s ready for this?” his friend replied while opening up a box of ‘Zealot flakes’ and pouring it into a bowl.
“Not yet, let’s monitor his vitals and introduce him to his enemies. He shouldn’t have any problems there. You give him his weapons like he asked Ted?” Bill stated in a completely bored tone of voice.

They decided to give him a name, one that would utterly strike fear into the hearts of his enemies.

In his case? Ash Harry.

Ash was five feet, nine inches tall, and well built for a guy of twenty nine years old. He had deep blue eyes that could catch a shift in motion from three miles away, a strong face and a mouth that could kill the Overmind’s language barrier faster than a nuke roasting a zergling. The Terran Scientist and a rougue Dark Archon decided to give Ash extremely potent psyonic, bionic, and biological enchantments. The Dark Archon glided into the room as slowly and as quietly as a being with no legs could move.

‘Good, I see that your tolerance for my energies has increased Ash, do you still feel pain though?’ the Dark Archon spoke softly into Ash’s head.
“What do you think? It hurts like hell but I got so many nerves running through me it doesn’t really matter now does it?” the ten year old said gruffly.
‘I guess not. We’re going to start you off with holographic training in a suicide mission.’ Shiv replied quietly, making sure to focus while Ash prepared himself.

Ashes eyes quickly brightened,

‘About time.’ He thought to himself.

Lately they had just been running him through endurance tests and written assignments.

“What’s the number of enemies I’ll be going up against? Hopefully it’s an absurd amount, five hundred? one thousand? fifteen hundred?” Ash said in a sarcastic tone of voice.

Bill entered the room, his scraggly brown hair sweeping from side to side. “No, just four. We’re going to run you through a simple enough exercise that will test your reflexes and your speed in quick draw skills-’
“Oh come one! I can easily go up against a one hundred!” Ash interrupted while mindlessly leaning into energy that coated shiv in a glowing red ball. “You guys have made sure of that right? I should probably move my hand right about now, Ow!” Ash yelped as protoss playfully shoved the man onto the table with a slight pulse of force.

Shiv laughed as Ash shook his hand, now glowing from the energies surrounding the Dark Archons body and picked himself off the ground.

It was Ash’s first test run with his severely modified gauss rifle, which had ten smaller barrels that, for some reason he couldn’t figure out, fired ten times more ammo then the regular thing. Then there was his personal favorite, for those quick dances with the ugly bugs, his onehundred thousand RPM, adamantium tipped, double sharpness, psy blade.

“You ready in there for this Ash? We decided to up the number of enemies up to….what’s the number again?” Ted squeaked in his mousy voice, vastly contrasting Bills robust, deep tones.

‘Figures, they’re always screwing up the numbers right before any big test…’ the Terran thought to himself as he stared at skin on his palm heal up quickly. ‘interesting.’ Ash’s blue eyes stared up into the Dark Archon’s head, which he now noticed was simply a helmet.

But it was no different then the holograms that he played for training.

“Four hundred…” he said calmly as the white plane slowly morphed into the densely wooded town. Fog slowly gathered as it rose from the swamps nearby an old abandoned sheriffs office, as the rusty hinges rattled and squeaked as if the ghosts of the people who lived here before still had a tale to tell.

‘Are you sure about this Ash? These aren’t holograms that won’t hurt you. There the H.K.-112 models, programmed to use this setting and any others to there fullest advantage.’ Ash smiled beneath his hat.

“Shiv? Have I ever been sure about anything? get these uglies out here so I can break them… Very, very badly.” Shiv pressed the red button on the console that would make four hundred of the hunter killer robots for Ash to break.

“This shall be interesting Ted to say the least.”
“you’re right Bill, but hey, he went though ten of these in the densest jungle that we could program. In less then five minutes I might add.”

Ash Harry had been saving his anger and frustration of not having any parents, being made from two of the best films and having one hell of a headache from day one.

“THIS-” he began as he saw the H.K.’s and raised his gauss rifle above his head.
“IS-” they started to run towards him now with only five hundred yards between him and them.
“MY BOOM STICK!” he let loose his unbridled, unrelenting rage, and ultimately had the best damned time in his life with it. He took aim carefully and for a second he did nothing.
“Ahh… the hell with it. come to papa!” He pulled the trigger and a slow whine was heard before things seemed to happen in an instant.

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