The Ghost and the Archon’s final dance

“Of the storms that once parted,
the realization of this eternal peace,
from which my mind has started,
to think up this dumb release.”
The Ghost thought to himself as the cold night air seemed to freeze his cloaking device. He adjusted the sight on his E11 lockdown device. The mission he was on was a mystery to even himself. He had no intell on the target, what the objective was, or even where the rally points were. He was in an information black out, this ghost, did not like it one bit. And then he saw the massive silvery ball of psionic energy.

“Though we may have parted ways,
the memories of you are still clear,
but the passing of time,
like so many things,
is starting to make this appear.”

No. It wasn’t a ball of silvery energy, it was lightning that danced across the silver armor that floated with in the ball of energy. The Twilight Archon seemed ignorant of the Ghost’s presence. Slowly he aimed the E11 lockdown device at the back of the Twilight Archons form and pulled the trigger.

“If I am to forgive the past,
the heart brakes of love and life,
to each king their own,
tis once more dethroned,
the theories of evolution of pride!”

The round slammed smack dab into the back of the helmet, the force triggering the explosion of EMP energy that seemingly absorbed into the Twilight Archons body with little effect. The Ghost’s target lifted a hand and simply motioned him over while continuing its poem. Curious as to what the Protoss Warrior wanted, stepped out of his hiding place and watched with awe and immense humility as the Twilight Archon approached with lightning dancing in the spaces of its helmet.

“Admitting defeat,
but lost in time,
have the dreams been true,
the anger inside,
simply dissipated and died,
but still no love of you.”

The Archon simply held out its hand, as if to beckon the Ghost towards it. the Ghost, under the heavy influence of the weaker strands of energy that connected with his hand, held his out in turn. The cloaking device activated on thought and the Twilight Archon, still continuing its poem, simply floated as it waited for the newcomer to show himself again. It occasionally saw the disturbance in the area in front of it, but did not react in any way.

“Life is tricky and all it entails,
that I drag behind my mind,
a sack of energy bound ties,
but the imagery of you,
is a sight for sore eyes.”

The Ghost’s energy ran out and it collapsed under the strain of maintaining the cloak. The Twilight Archon seeing its oppertunity, held out its hand once more, as if calling out silently to the Ghost. He instinctually reacted by thowing out the lockdown device, and pulled out his C-10 canister rifle. faster then the Ghost could blink, the Archon shot out a stream of psionic energy and melted the rifle into a boiling mass of molten metal.

“In truth this memory of a dream,
nothing more then a fragment,
still i try to comprehend,
my endless sea of sadness,
but i am happy,
raging and hot,
the energies that pump through me,
a stalwart warrior of times gone past,
I find myself denying no truer an epiphany.”

The Ghost, sensing his weapon burning through the armored gauntlets, dropped the weapon, jumped backwards, rebounded off a nearby cliff face, and rocketed past the Twilight Archon while shoving several lockdown rounds into various spots inside the Twilight Archon’s energy bubble. The Twilight Archon simply pushed each and every one of the rounds outward with a mere thought and rushed towards the Ghost.

“With you I was happy,
without you I’m not,”

The Twilight Archon grabbed the Ghost by his head and swung down hard, slamming it into the ground, and breaking the highly sensitive goggles that had helped him out on various missions.

“With you I created,
without you I destroyed,”

The Ghost got up, dazed, but still able to fight back if necessary. The Twilight Archon, still in the middle of its poem, tore off the ghost’s cloaking device and tossed it aside. then stripped him of his weapons and gear, then tore off his armor and uniform.

“With you I calmed,
without you I raged,”

The Ghost, now naked except for a pair of boxers and a cigar hanging on his lips as the tabacco burned slowly, simply gazed up at the towering Archon before him with a look of defiance. Again, a stream of energy bounded onto his fingertip, shot through his arm and crammed itself into his thoughts the poem it had been trying to speak.

“With you I slept,
without you i stayed awake,”

The Ghost, now merely a hapless Terran trading poetry with a Protoss warrior the size of a double decker bus if stood on its rear, looked into the massive being’s eyes with all the wonder of a child meeting a superhero for the first time.

“Of truer passage in this old tome,
my soul has seemed to flee,
before the very sight of you,
I cry not of sympathy,
mindless scars so ravaged and worn,
so ruthless and evil,
that man in the past,
so much had he hurt you,
that nary a man,
could have you for long in his grasp.”

The Ghost and the Twilight Archon’s thoughts and voices swam. They sang under, over, and around each others words like a brilliant duet of living music. The moon that shone in the night sky, a brilliant pale blue, seemed to grow dark as a swarm of Zerg Overlords numbering in the hundreds of millions began to surround the two beings that sang out in brilliant over tones that poem of the Twilight Archon.

“I long not for your warmth,
or the scent of your hair,
or the twinkle in your eye as it be,
a stalwart warrior,
one such as I,
could have held you and still be not happy.”

The Overlords, guided by their evolved forms, the Overseers, dropped the cargo of Zerglings, Roaches, Banelings, Ultralisks, Hydralisks, Changelings, Infested Terrans, and Corruptors. The two ignored the raging screeches of the Zerg that were approaching from all directions and continued, what seemed to be, their final dance.

“Song and dance and merriment plenty,
had blinded me to your pain,
so much so that I lost that once proud glow,
of which you must’ve claimed,”

The Twilight Archon, without stopping, unleashed its raw power and slammed huge streams of psionic energy into the oncoming hordes. The Ghost continued its dance, and under the influence of the Twilight Archon, called in a tactical nuclear strike. The bomb already falling from Crbital Command from ten thousand feet above the Ghost’s current position.

“So be happy and free,
be soaring as the sky,
be merry and rejoice,
for the time is nigh,
when all you want,
and all you’ll need,
is presented to you,
in gifts of three.”

The Twilight Archon danced and twirled, punched and shot, seared and singed its bloody way through the hordes of Zerglings that had seemingly over powered the Protoss warrior. The Ghost simply danced around the Zerg that tried attacking it with almost un-Terran like reflexes. the bomb had reached five thousand feet and split into three separate packages, each guided by Orbital Command to a unique target for maximum impact.

“But of this poem I write in dire straights,
for this reality of mine truly awaits,
not one of death or life,
or simply standing still,
not one of merriment,
as yours will soon be filled,
not of spring or of love,
or of stormy tides,
for the thought that there might have been a time,
when you might have been my bride,
so I deliver this message with one final thought,
one final wish of pride,”

The three bombs landed like asteroids crushing flies, the shock waves sent Roaches and Banelings flying into the air by the millions as the fuses for each bomb triggered, lighting up the night as each explosion raced towards the Twilight Archon and the Ghost.

“I wish you the best,
reguardless of any test,
that any man can wish tonight.”

The Archon bowed to its dance partner before patting him on the back. The Ghost seemed to smile upwards as he felt the wind rushing towards him on all sides.

‘For Aiur.’ the Twilight Archon stated with pride.

The Ghost nodded and lit up another cigar and placed it between his lips.

“You got that ri-”

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Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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