viacom (cable ogre) v. youtube (comment ogre)

Ok folks, this is the second sporlotechal blog about, guess what! You got it right! The Viacom v. Youtube drama! Yay! okay, so, Viacom, who’s got Comedy Central, home to John Stewart and Stephen Colbert who poked fun at Glenn “dark forces” Beck and Eric “tickle ninja” Massa, are suing Youtube. GAH…. finally.


While this may be one of the greatest fun fights ever, yours truly, the mysteriously amazing Dr. 3 Arms AKA, Morgan “The blog god” Gavin, has decided to unleash my Posterously good Hell like minions upon the wretchlings this time. Why? I have way too much time on my hands.

Look, I’ll be the first one to say it.

Youtube = Hoarder of vid hating trolls
Viacom = Hoarder of Glenn Beck hating trolls.

Me = Hoarder of both, mua ha ha! Evil laughter all around.

Look, folks, as much as I like the prospect of Youtube getting its ass handed to it on a platter, and lets face it, the more Youtube pays for its copyright infringment, the better. And the there is Viacom… which… I dunno… Hates Glenn Beck. My logic is sound, I read it on Google… I HAVE PSOKEN!

It’s hard for me to make a sound decision on who I want to hate more, because I equally hate them both, well Youtube, more then Viacom. As far as I’m concerned, Youtube is filled with Tosh.0 wannabe’s (including Daniel Tosh) with more broken ego problems that a celery stick with implants. Or Heidi Montag in this case. BOOSH! People of the web, do yourselves a favor and fight against Youtube, they broke the law, the original pirate is the founder of Youtube, and Viacom’s simply defending its territory from the likes of Youtube. If it wanted to, it could simply buy out Youtube, purchase all of its stock, and then go about devouring the rest of Youtube’s fetid corpse.

I guess im for viacom then.

Down with the Youtube, up with Viacom… or Viagra… whatever.

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