the disection of a stalkers insecure mind

hello folks, and welcome to a new feature.. actually, its only the third, but its new to me. to its staying, deal with with it. anyways, i was talking to a friend last night about a few random things, and then hauptman111 came up. at first we had this grand plan to get his name, but that feel by the wayside. but i did learn a few things from him. i now know the follwing:

1. that a woman isnt doing the writing for the blog.
2. that its someone i know
3. he lives in victorville
4. he knows robert aka treebeard.
5. he is insecure, which is why he created the blog in the firstp lace.
6. he admires me.
7. he needs me to make himself feel fulfilled. which really does explain a lot.
8. he is intimidated by me.
9. he doesnt have the courage to post a picture of himself and face whats rightfully coming to him.


these eight things, couple by the fact that he has an unhealthy obsession with me, seems to point out the following facts. hauptman111, though a whiny, smothering, gluttenous, non chalant, cowardly, retarded butt monkey… is… well…. still all those things and more. you see, folks, hauptman… is in love with me, because i provide him with so many oppertunities to makehimself look smarter. which is really sad since he was never smart to begin with.

he is simply obsessed with making himself look morei mportant. why? because he has no desire to see his work spread world wide? because he lacks any imagination and cant think on his own two feet? or is it a more simple reason? maybe its daddy, abandonment , mother, childhood,  or mental abuse issues that he contends with every day. who knows, but i promise you that hauptman has nothing to gain by continuing his self lothing tirade against someone that hasnt done anything more, really, then react the way he wants.

honestly! why do you think hes been posting what he has on his blogspot, that weak, redundant, self antagonizing place where he feels that his special little ritual, no more greater in aspect that a fart being lit on fire, makes his prick feel two inches big? its because he knows i will react to it, that no matter what, he can count on me reating in some way or another. so in essence, i am simply falling into his expectations.

simple? almost too simple! more ismple then you think, looky here:

if attacked = attack back
if defended = defend back
if healed = heal back

we have in such a way, become psuedo blogvers. we cant leave each other alone, because we love to attack each other, making it impossible to break up. of course, all good things must come to an end. i can really deduce who he might be from the previous mentioned facts. i know that hes someone from the group i was once in, i know that he knows robert, i know he goes to vvc. these things, so simply in nature that even i, a greater blogging threat than he, missed it.

i know hes not frederick or uswin wood. they are too noble to keep harrassing me after i met their conditions. its not david, because were on good terms. its not robert, because lets face it. homeless people who chat on irc are nothing more then clay pidgeons brushed to the way side of societies standards!  it might be white mike, since a quick analysis of hauptmans writing style and his speaking style seem to go hand and hand.

but rather then try to figure this out, i would rather tell you that hauptman111 is rather scared of me. he knows the potential damage i can do to him with this spiderweb project of mine. he also knows the damage i accidentally did to miss mehra while writing my blog stoy there. hauptman knows that i have quite the larg following on myspace, as well as posterous. so he pretends like hes this big scary man who has me under his thumb.

or i could be wrong.

but lets not think that. that, according to my calculations, would be really, really counterproductive to our goal. our goal is to disect hauptmans way of thinking, open up his mental locks and lure him out in to the open, and while hes too busy thinking of a response that might get me riled up, ill crush him with my deafening logic and reason! stupid people are often attracted to things they want, but cannot have, angered by things that frusterate them, and happy about the things they want.

so lets assume that this blog entry itself, is meant to do all three or ofur things to him. make him so over emotional that he cries himself to sleep, wondering why he cant make the bigger man of us both, ME, shut up. and then hell get it into his mind that hell comment, write something horrid and unsulting to the best of his ability. now we know hes not really shy about sharing his personal feelings of love, admiration, and hero worship about me on his page.

because he is, after all, a simple coward. a pig wallowing in his own slop, afraid of the rightfully earned rebuke of the public he seeks to entertain while at the same time, hiding away in whatever locked shed, waiting for his hero to heroically write something about him! his heart punds as he reads the screen, his temper flares! and then he writes a comment! after which our dear little stalker will no doubt masterbate to a copy of teen people. you know he does these things folks, itsonly natural for hauptman111 to find a cow heart, rig it to a car battery, and then proceed to hump it.

because thats just how hauptman111 is. hes a disgusting, morally corrupt, unholy bastard of a man. hiding away in his subarban home, only to surface to go to a job he hates, flirt with the girl he secretly wants to rape and kill, and thinks, no… not thinks. our stalker doesnt think, he fantasizes, about going postal at an elementary school!

hauptman111 doesnt want our praise, he wantso ur condemnation for what hes written. he wants me to react badly, horribly, wretchedly to something he wrote while jacking it to an episode of xfiles. not the fun show, the other one… yes.

gay porn.

in fact, i would go so far to say that our hauptman111 rapes freshly buried corspes in his spare time. do you ever visit your local graveyard and wonder why there is a freshly dug grave, and foot prints leading into it? hauptman111 was there. you see, hauptman111 is nothing more then a zombie fucking retard with the intelligence of a demon sheep. or glenn beck, which ever has the lower iq score.

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Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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