killers and jellybeans, part 1

“Wake up!” Tom said to his brother in the morning.

“Come on, they’ll be here soon.” This was there usual routine, well, usual since there lands had been taken over by the Raveros Jellybeans, Otherwise known as R.J.Bs.

“Come on!” Tom smacked Jim and Sam, both only 14 years of age. Jim was the first to awake, blinking his orange eyes and brushing his hand over Sams head.

“What’s the rush? Yvon told you the R.J.B’s are on a set schedule… so the first wave won’t be here till noon. It’s four in the morning!” Sam was still sleeping, the three had been on the run for eight months since the R.J.B’s had landed, killed all the adults in the world, and forced billions of children into slave labor, if they refused, they were forced to watch recordings of their parents being slowly torn apart while the R.J.B laughed all the while.

“Well I had to find a way to get you guys up. SAM!”


Sam might’ve been just a bit younger then Jim and Tom, but they considered him their leader in most respects.

“Come on… Sam, what’s our next move? how much further do we have until we reach Pinnacle?”

“Not much farther, last I heard through the Vapor, there were ten contingents of R.J.B’s headed towards Palale, and the main way’s been taken as well.”

“What about the tunnels leading from the basement that Tom found?” Sam sat up dusting himself off as he did.

“How far do they go?” Tom went and checked while Jim and Sam made breakfast from what they could.

“Found some eggs in the back… though, one of em’s cracked. There should be some stuff left over from the previous owners.”

Tom put Himelf onto the basement floor and let the Chidler do it’s job. ‘ I wonder where pinnacle is… more then that where am I?’ Tom thought to him self as the Chidler searched for scraps of food. Tom tried to remember anything about his past, he didn’t know what year it was. All he knew was a saying he heard in the ruins.

“Himelf, you find something? Where are those tunnels?”

The Chidler reached an arm out and picked up a square blob no bigger then Toms fist. Tom pocketed the the blob and patted Himelf on it’s head.

“Might as well go tell Sam we’re out of supplies and those tunnels are caved in. Man this is going to be harder then I thought.” The Chidler raced up the stairs chittering happily to itself happily as though Tom could understand what was being said.

“Still have no clue what you’re saying. What time is it?”

Through the early morning fog, rumbles were heard as the R.J.B invasion task force made its morning route.

“R.J.B!!!” Sam shouted as lasers pervaded the wall with holes. “DAMN!! I thought they were supposed to arrive at noon!”

“It’s 7:45a,! Damn! What the hell set them off?!” Jim shouted moments before he was trampled under foot by the first R.J.B. His brother, fighting them off the best he could, finally figured out that he’d lost a brother, and dashed past the damaged invader.

“TOM!? Where the HELL ARE YOU?” Tom wasn’t in the place where they had been hiding. In fact, he wasn’t on the planet at all.

“Where am I?” Tom asked Himelf.

“Tik log We’aal.” Himelf replied, the Chidler searching the room they were in without pause.

“What the hell are you saying?! Damn it all! I wish I could understand what you’re saying!” Tom yelled in anger.

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