ga ga gone

Folks, I have just read some disturbing news, that Lady Gaga, our beloved though entirely misunderstood pop diva, has become an advertising whore. This distrubing trend to show product placement in a video, that clearly deserves none. Can you imagine the damage that future artists trying to duplicate Gaga’s style would do? Imagine the horror of this fiendish Commy device! Why, coupled with stalkers, who are already Commies themselves (I’M TALKING TO YOU HAUPTMAN111).

Kanye West, in his next video, advetising fundraisers for people with ADHD.
Chris Brown supplimenting the usual hot hoes for ones that are beat around and holding the phone number for shelters that take in abused women.
Charly Sheen in his next episode of “two and a half men”, holds up a “psycho” blue ray, in an effort to pay off lawyers from the media, hounding him.

And the mac daddy of them all. Snoopdog rapping about medical pot being legalized!

The horror of all of these things is almost too much to bear for me! I think I’m going to faint in a media blazed death gurgle!

But my dearest readers, the thing I dread the most is the Donalds wig factory being advertised on Celeb Apprentice! OH THE FUCKING HORROR OF IT ALL!

But more then Lady Gaga, going ga-ga-gone, its the media thats at fault!

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Author: Morgan Gavin

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