heloo folks, and welcome, to what i like to call, my happy time. interestin, aint it? of course, this rare occasion where i end up getting so plastered and start to write something that makes… breath… as much sense as sigorney weaver doing a taxwrite off on the back of a dead alien queen.

carlos mencia. boosh!

yes, its time for my self appointed run of them iller, celebreity hole poking fest, known only as the one, the only, drunk blogging. folks, and i will call you folks, regaurdless of whether you want me to or not. folks, i have been doing some hard fought soul searching, and what i found, is that the stalker, of which i will rip apart tonight, in a balley like display of random thoughts, and stupid remarks.

the simple thing is, i dont need to rip on him anymore, but i will. much like lady kanye berates, interrupts, and is generally an interrupting bitch, i too, shall brave the waters of a finely drawn blade, and make a taco sanwhich. of this, i call to the remnants of the lost souls of hell to finally help me achieve of this, a goal that they themselves, still owe me twelve bucks for. hauptman, is a fuck up. a jealos good for nothing with about as much courage to show his facem as a mouse does facing off against a giant raging cat of doom. fedora cat.

for that is his name, andi  shall slaughter any WHO DEFY MY WILL! FEDORA CAT LIVES! in the left eye socket of will ferrel. damn straight bitches! the fact of the matter is that hauptman or brian q. or linsey q. or jan stewart, because thats the only actual name that pops up. seriously, the dude had a youtube acount under the name of hauptman111, wierd. so maybe thats whos been ragging on me.

in anyrate, the guys a first class, cock sock. and if he aint, hes a fuckin cock puppet. because i said so, thats why. at first, i was happy to have someone regularly berate me in their own blog, then, i got moderatley irritated. and now, i find myself searching for ways to make his blog go byebye.

because, lets face it, nothing says “morgan is teh epicness” like a good ol fashoined “i reported hauptmans myspace for cybah bullying and it got deleted”, like stating that i reported hauptmans myspace for cybah bullying, and it got deleted. im a very straight forward kind of guy. and the simple fact that brian, in all his so called epicness, is so insecure about himself that he needs to make his tiny prick fell big enough to see underneath a microscope, by poking fun at me?

man, i cant believe this all started because poow wittle bwian got pwned, justb y the simple act of returning his prank back to him. so he got all pissy when he realized he couldnt fire back at me normally and then created this false id. so basically, hes got split personality.

but enough of idiots that dont really matter anymore, who arent relevant to todays vibrant youth! i say, down with the pedophile blogger (hauptman111) who, on a regular basis, invites in whole troops of boyscouts, dresses up as a catholic priest, then rapes them while protesting that god made him do it.

now you HAVE to question which god he beleives in. or he could simply be a devil worshipper. which, would be slightly less worse then being a republican, FOR SLOWING DOWN PROGRESS, THEM ANUS EATING FUCK HEADS!

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Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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