short script: the demon kings goof

Synopsis: the demon king fret graw has declared war on all existence, but things don’t as go as planned when a human child named soria deliqua mistakes him for santa clause. 


Soldier 1 
Soldier 2 
Soldier 3 
Messenger 1 
Messenger 2 
Scout 1 
Scout 2 
General fel 
General gop 
General wert 
Captain treds 
Captain vasiz 
Demon king fret graw

Fred deliqua 
Dorithy deliqua 
Soria deliqua 
Gertrude fergison 
Basil kilu 
Roger evas 
Teacher 1 
Teacher 2 
Teacher 3 
Janitor 1 
Janitor 2 
Santa impersonator

Scene one: 
its beginning..again? 

a lone arm chairone side of the chair is white while the other is torn with stuffing coming out the sides, a red spotlight shines on it. 

Fret graw: (slyly) the humans… all we ever hear about down hear is the humans…bah! I should have killed off the last of them when I had the advantage! Then it happened….her….(enters stage left and circles the chair in an animalistic way.) I SHOULD HAVE KILLED SORIA! I WAS CLOSE TO WINNING THAT WAR ON ALL THINGS.

(soldier 1 enters stage right walks confidently in front of fret and gets on one knee.)

soldier 1: my king, the armys are mobilized to invade the human world for the second time. Are you sure you want to do this again sire? Shouldn’t we wait for a more opertune time to- (fret sits down in the chair and motions soldier 1 closer.)

Fret graw: my minion…..(suddenly grabs at soldiers shirt and pulls him close) why would I want to wait for a more opportune time? It has been one year since SHE humiliated me infront of my kingdom! (soldier calmly pulls frets hand off of shirt, stands up and sighs.)

soldier 1: she is just a human sir, it could’ve happened to anyone, it just happened to be you at the time. This satan claws… Ive seen pictures of him. Do you think he is the leader of the humans?

Fret: (loudly) I thin I would have taken a guess at that minion. Tell me…. How are out side forces handling things above? What are they doing to blend themselves in with the human world? 

 Soldier 1: The population is easily decieved. Our people can easily pass among them in their image. We walk along thier streets and never know it was us.

Fret: (snidely) [Fret turns to the side and writhes his hands in acticipation] Excellent… We’ll kill that Sonia for sure…

Soldier 1: Uhh… That’s where we have a problem, sire…

Fret: [Fret cranes his neck at the soldier, making an evil glare at him] Problem?

Soldier 1: Yes Sir… Previous attempts to integrate into their society have failed. They’ve considered us to be follies of human beings. [Fret walks around the soldier as he continues explaining.] They refer to us as ‘people in costumes’ and say to us “It isn’t Halloween anymore”. Question, sir: What is Halloween?

Fret: (extreme anger) Halloween?!? You idiot!! If you’re dressed up as though you’re on Halloween… [Fret groans in disgust and places his hand over his eyes, shaking his head slowly] You sent them out… [A spotlight illuminates Soldier 2 looking like a person in a chicken costume.] …looking like THIS!?!

Soldier 1: [Fidegits constantly, fearing what Fret might do next.] Y-Y-Yes, sire…

Fret: [Fret walks straight over to Soldier 1 and glares in his eyes for a few moments. He shoves him out of the way, sending Soldier 1 sprawling towards center stage.] Imbecile… If you want something done right… Jesper! Come forth!

[Jesper, a short demon, comes running up and salutes the demon king.]

Jesper: Yes, My King? Do you have a message for me to deliver?

Fret: Yes… Get the men back here at once. I wish to… discuss with them thier… tactics.

Jesper: (salutes) Right away sir! (runs towards the exit on stage left, but you here him talk to himself) I’m glad I’m not part of their brigade… They’re in for it now… (giggles, then giggles off stage madly)

[You see the remainder of the brigade, the other 2 soldiers and General Fop rushing up from stage right. They’re pratically tripping over themselves as they rush to form rank in front of the king. Left to right: Soldier 2, Gen. Fop, Soldier 3.]

Soldiers 2 & 3, General Fop: Blend-In Brigade reporting as ordered, sir!

 Fret: [Walks over calmly to the group and stands in front of the general. He coils back with his hand and slaps all three of them in the same motion.] Idiots!! What am I paying you to do up there!?

Soldier 2: (mumbles loudly) You aren’t paying us… (snickers)

Fret: (Quickly looks over to Soldier 2 and places his left hand on the soldier’s chest. He raises his hand as the spotlight above the soldier turns red. The soldier screams as he spasams uncontroably, falling in front of the other two and remaining motionless.]

[The previous messenger, Jesper, comes in and presses a button on his universal remote, making the fallen soldier stand up abruptly and walk leads the way off to stage right as the soldier walks jerkily, as if he were a toy soldier.]

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