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You know what? It’s been quite a while since I was able to just vent and not really give a damn who reads this or gets butthurt over it, and who reads it and laughs. David laughs, Darryl laughs, Uswin is butthurt over the whole thing, But I’m not concentrating on anyone in particular, except  for those my mind declares war on. Which happens to be VVC at the moment. Folks, I recently discovered a tragic, and yet fucking hilarious event.

As you may or may not have been aware, recently, VVC had a solar plant in the process of being built. until a pyromaniac with a thirst for ruining the already demented place of learning (I say this with the utmost respect to the teachers I actually had good relations with, as well as the President of the campus himself, Robert Silverman, and anyone else I’m in good standing with.) decided to set fire to the solar plant.

Wow. Simply put, wow.

Is it my imagination? Or do those little holes in fencing declare a slight security risk? Now, this happened after I was banned from the campus after a prank went horridly right in many places, but had repercussions of Which I declared… are necissary to the great plight of me. Of those repercussions… I might never get to because my minds in a funny place right now.

Back to the solar fire… thingy. In my opinion, I take my hat off to VVC for starting a solar program, and then leave it unprotected, except for a simply fenced off area for some idiot to light it on fire.

If your wondering why I’m so critical of Victor Valley Community College’s Security department, then you haven’t been reading my blog nearly as long as you should’ve. The campus’s Security Force is a joke, a thoroughly trained joke as far as I’m concerned. Hey! I said thoroughly trained. That means I’m giving them credit, while at the same time, calling them a joke.

Even though they’re simply doing the jobs given to them, the VVCCP are kinda like that one kid in Kindergarten who just shoved his hand in the jar of paste, ate some of it, then realizing it didn’t taste good, slammed it into a random teacher’s leg. Kinda like that.

In my opinion of the solar fire, there should have been a tighter security around the clock guarding that thing. The solar plant would’ve given VVC the needed boost, and in the long run, saved them money on electricity that they would’ve been recieving for free. Doesn’t the School Board, and the Student Council realize what a disaster they let happen simply because they failed to properly plan the protection of such desperately needed tech?

Or do they too think it’s a joke? I get the point that there are only so many rent-a-cops available, that their hours are hard on them because they have to deal with all kinds of bullshit. But this is simply unacceptible, says the man no longer attending VVC.

LOOL, I’m not even a student.

The point being, that if the Student Body, the School Board, and the Student Council want to see progress being made on their campus, then they seriously need to reform their ways of thinking about security. Is it really any wonder the drop-out rate is the way it is? Can we actually blame the teachers, who generally are there for a paycheck. (I realize that maybe a tenth of the teachers that work at VVC are generally interested in their students education, and not their own egos… Ed. Damn straight I called him out.)

As hearltess, mean, and suffocating in cynicism as I am, I do care about VVC. Somewhat. I do have daydreams that sooner or later a underground volcano, located under the man made lake will just go Mt. Saint Helens and blow everything to Hell. But not recently. Been too busy.

Among other things is the simple witch hunt that going around, affecting teachers like the plague. The Countries putting more pressure on the teachers to reinvigorate, revive, and generally get their students attention by any means necessary.

Even if they have to spray the room in female and male hormones, and show slides of sexual positions. But I really don’t think that they’ed go that far. One can only hope.

In regards to the Associated Student Body Presidents (Which… come on, I am going to talk at least a little bit about them, who ever they are at the moment. Come to think of it, I really don’t know who the Hell the current one is. Not my problem!) or the ASB for that matter, from what I remember, in their spare time, all they did was eat bad chinese food, and yap about random things that I had no actual interest in, and few times, I put in my five thousand cents.

Which I promptly asked for a refund at the first sign of trouble. They also have a popcorn machine! You seriously don’t understand how badly I wanted to write “poopcorn” instead of “popcorn”.  That would’ve been epic.

The forums for the ASB are left untouched, because apparently, people have enough things to deal with then forum trolls asking about thursdays report on the Sports Senator’s conversation with the coach about an upcoming game. (CREEEEEEPY! I will laugh so hard if I predicted that one right off the bat.)

Folks, friends, blogstalkers, and e-stalkers alike, there needs to be change in the way that ASB does things, they way they go about not TALKING TO THE FUCKING STUDENTS THAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE REPRESENTING! I mean, isn’t that what the Assosiated STUDENT Body is there for? To represent the students!? Not act like high and mighty jerks?

Look, I have some issues with the ASB/Student relations part, I know that. Hell, I ran three times in a row (Quit the first time, failed the second time, screwed up the third time, and ranted my way out of the postition the fourth time. Life is fun!). Hell, the fact that people should be more open about their sexuality instead of freaking out everytime some fourbit hack writes something that sounds suspiciously like they’re calling out said persons sexual preference, but in no way did they mean it like that, but still the readers of said blog think the way they think, and thats pretty much how it went down; Should be more concerned with how they are doing in their respective fields.

I know it’s all about money, I know it’s all about doing what the School Board thinks the ASB should be doing, and being just another outreach lapdog of every stuffed shirt jerk thats on the Board (Never met any of them, but still, I will also laugh so hard if any of them wear stuffed shirts. Or Cardigans. Whichever seems more like a pompous, arragant clique of raquet ball players in a bad 1980’s ski movie.)

Hold on a tic, gotta let Amelie out. and I’m back. After some much needed boasting about how some idiot needs to get fucked in the face with a tire iron dipped in acid, I’m back. I have done the robot, and it was epic.

Getting back to… Hold on…. I’m back… So… I need to update my picture. I have a fugitive booger… Never mind… It’s been, incarcerated. Hell’s yeah. Like I was saying, the fire at VVC, now it wont come off my finger, weird, UGH! GET THE FUCK OFF MY FINGER YOU LITTLE FUCKER! DAMN YOUR STRETCHINESS TO THE FOULEST, DARKNEST REACHES OF HELL! FROM GLENN BECK’S HEART, I STABBETH THEE!

The fire at VVC proves one thing and one thing only. Security for that kind of project, needs to be fucking tighter then the mind of a female ASB President’s mind. Round the clock watches, a fire proof tarp over the tech they’re trying to protect, and concrete barriers protecting the sides, and top of the thing.

Something like this should never happen again, and to the pyro that started the damned fire, fuck you republican. That’s right, I really don’t give a damn if I’ve offended your over sensitive conservative minds,  I’m saying what is on my mind, and if you don’t like it, than find someother crazy bastard’s blog to read.

This is not cyber bullying, this is not stalking, this is simply my opinion of things that are on my mind.

If you for some unforseeable reason, think that I am wrong.
Fuck you.
If you think I’m evil.
Fuck you.
If you think I’m speaking out of turn… seriously, its a fucking blog you moron, there isn’t anyone else writing this.
Fuck you.

This is my blog, and I have several more set up, if you don’t like it, then go read something else.

To those that love my style, I thank you for your continued readership.

Posted via web from The mind of Morgan James Gavin

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