can there be no peace of mind?

i read an net article on why bullies continue to persist in deviant behavior. its stated that they themselves are insecure about their status in society, and so forth try to bring others to their level. only by eliminating the path for them to attack their victims, and not pay attention to them, are the victims of bullying free from persicution. it is simply by this line of thinking that one must set up ways to deter that bully/stalker from finding ways to fill their insecurities, fears, or lack of attention.

originally, i was furious at my bully, i was scared and fed into his own psychologically destructive mannerisms. but the more i read into a cycle of his attacks, the more i realized that all he wants is for me to coninue attacking him. there by giving him reason to continue his unwarranted, un wanted, and unsubstantiated tactics against myself via his own blog.

i have reported his felonious activities with  verizon security, i have taken steps to ban him from my web site, and if he does not like it, then he himself must surely find another way to fulfill his emptiness via some other means.

yes i will admit that in the past i have wronged people, and dealt with the situation accordingly. but i have moved past this event in time to other topics of interest. and while this man, this insensitive prat continues to rally against me with his tiny words, i shall continue to do my best and ignore his simplistic cries for attention.

i no longer care about him. i no longer want him in my life. i no longer feel the need to continually give him means to harrass me via his own blog or comments to my own. i have dealt with many bullies in my life to know that if ignored long enough, they will move on. so i will continue to do this for as long as i am able to do so.

hauptman111 aka george grant is this bully. i have played his silly game long enough.

grow the fuck up. or pay the price by someone elses hand.

Posted via web from The mind of Morgan James Gavin

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