mua ha ha!

hello again! i couldnt think of anything worthwhile to add to my distracted mind, so i thought i would rant here instead. seems to make a bit more sense than that time i gfought off those giant germbils with the soul of snoopy, and a piece of lint. if that didnt make any sence, then i apologize for making you sift through the crap of my mind, to actually enjoy this thing.

bad me.

but rather then that, ive had some pretty interesting insights,  based on the simplest fact, that midgets hung themselves on the set of the wizard of oz. interesting? aint it? well, in any case that led to some pretty itneresting thoughts on those mini sirloin burgers.

do midgets, dwarves, little folks get them because their just the right size? are snoopys red socks of doom actually made of the lilith fairs employees? am i actually following any real line of thought right now?

no. im afraid im not.

there is a line of madness floating around somewhere that im sure most of you are wondering: WHAT THE FUCK IS HIS PROBLEM!? and ill tell you. i have a nose hair and its bugging the fuck out of me. there, i said it. im not afraid to speak my mind on the subjects revolving the use of the lexicon of excitable mass…. which turned out to be five marshmallows on a plate of darkness wrapped in bad decoritive paper, and a sideo rder of salad.

ive said too much! the estalkers are ocming to get me! speaking of which, our dear friend, hauptman111 decided to pop up once again and try to goad me into insulting his raggedy ass. like id result to thatk ind of trickery. you dirty dog you hauptman! who knew he liked george bushes **** in his tight *** all **** long! for those of you wondering?

the words were:
1. candy cane
2. dog sweaters
3. can of coke

yep. those were the words. or maybe something else. in anycase, im on a troll ranting high right now. so it cant be helped that if all i can do is just keep writing because this makes me feel good about myself……… breathing……. then thats just what im going to do.

huh, something interesting happened to me today as i was out back feeding the horses. and that thought has just slipped my mind! but ive got a question for you all!?

what is the lexicon of paramount excitable mass?

i dont know, i just throw random words together and people seem to enjoy that hsit like its just fucking awesomeness wrapped inside bruce williss action movies! but…. i cant think. if i cant think, than what am i doing still writing this incredibly awesomeness called a blog!? I DONT KNOW! BUT FUCK IT ALL!

you know what folks? aside from the simple fact that if youre happy and you know it, but you cant clap because you dont have hands…. does this mean you simply rub your stubs together and make a fire?

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