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What the fuck is up with Andrews? Seriously, first it was the Peephole Pervert, now its the Dan Patrick Dumbass. Ok I can understand if there were an actual basis as to why Andrews is under scrutiny and under fire from these whacked out weirdos… and now I’m starting to sound like the voice over guy from the Superfriends:

“Meanwhile, back on the blog, Hauptman was getting raped by a cactus!”

Anyways, back to Andrews, first off Webheads, LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE! Second off, do you really want her to sick the FBI on y’all for bugging her in the first place? What? You didn’t want the Erin Andrews show to end, so you got fucked up on chalk dust and decided to start sending threatening emails to her? OMFG! God damned, you people are even worse off then Hauptman is! I can understand a blog or fifteen, but the fuck with the death threats?

Have you learned nothing from the Phoebe Prince drama? Have you learned nothing form the Celebrity Apprentice? Have you learned nothing from the oncoming date of the NASA dismantling day? Or do you seriously like beating your face against the working blender blades? Really people? For fucks sake, its like if Frederic Wood got a jig in his leg to go out and kill me, but cared enough to send me a warning before hand. Which that did kinda happen, and at the same time, I felt like I was being courted for a failed beat down… it was weird on both ends.

But leave the poor woman alone, she’s already trying to just focus on her DWTS deal already! Please for the love of fuck! Just leave her alone already. Isn’t it enough that Andrews is online nude in a hotel room against her will (The being posted part) and now some dude’s emailing her about dead babies being found in her front yard during Easter? What is this world coming to? SERIOUSLY! I WANT TO KNOW! BUT BECAUSE I DISABLED COMMENTS, I WON’T KNOW! FUCK! send me your comments at

She’s a sweet woman, a great reporter, and for some reason, she now has more stalkers then I do! which in a weird sort of way is a good thing, because let’s face it, Hauptman keeps me busy enough as it is, what with the building a federal case against him for emotional anguish, copyright infringement, stalking, violating right to privacy, and many other things that he wouldn’t be able to spell out even if there were big fluffy flash cards with the words written on them.

And yes, I’m taking the time to actually write out various examples of how Hauptman111 is like a retard pressing the button to ignite a stick of boom boom while standing right next to said pile of boom boom sticks. I’m sorry you had to see that, I had brain fart. But regardless of how Hauptman is sorta like the fat kid eating the tiles off of the lunchroom floor, or how he’s almost like that one guy you want to punch really fucking hard, but your not sure if its the right moment so you hold off on it.

Instead, this is about Erin Andrews, a magnet for internet weirdos, Peephole Perverts, and Death Eaters emailing her Death threats. Enough is enough, and I am petitioning the full and immediate existence exterminating of all of Andrews perceived internet threats! Even if we have load the shotgun right in front of them, I will see justice done. I think Hauptman’s a threat, so let’s all create a sinkhole underneath his house and watch it go bye bye. Because that would be really fun for me.

Ok enough of that! I will not talk about the stalker psycho anymore. Why? Because Erin Andrews deserves our undivided attention, or maybe that’s the problem all along. We think the Celebs we worship want our attention, but in the end of it all, some of us end up overdoing it and cause them emotional distress. Sometimes I think we, as a online society, nay, the very planet Earth as a whole, seem to go overboard. After all, who’s bright idea was it to elect a pissed off old woman as dictator of China?

Evaluating the situation is very critical in any situation where you are recieving unwanted attention. Sometimes we voluntarily bring it upon ourselves with out realizing it. Maybe this is why we have stalkers, psychos, killers, rapists, pedophiles (Hauptman), and people that we think deserve a good ‘ol fashioned tank shell to the face. Up close!

Isn’t it time we let the Celebs do their own thing, without needing to know what they do every minute of every day? So what if Snoop Dog just got out of the methadone clinic because he had a hit of bad Chronic? So what if Brangelina adopt anotehr African village? So what if Erin Andrews is smoking hot? I sure as Hell don’t. Because when it comes down to it, they’re just people, like you or I. Only except they have way better jobs then we’ll ever hope to have.

Does this actually mean we have to be jealous of them and make horrid jokes about them? And what of their families? What kind of social impact does this have on their kids? Or husbands or wives or life partners? What kind of social pressure are we putting on these people because we want the very best in entertainment, or sports, or racing? Isn’t it enough that they just do their jobs, simply for them to be happy? I know I would like that. This way Erin Andrews wouldn’t have to worry about death threats, Peephole Perverts, or anything else that seems to want to slither into the “Lets Cause Her Trouble” spotlight.

In reality, what are Celebs? People. Human Beings with about as much power over their own voices as the sky does of changing its color. You have to understand that they have to maintain a superstar image, to make themselves socially relevant, they have to do things they don’t like. And in the end, I think it breaks away a little piece of their soul in the process.

Look at Michael Jackson and his family. Michael devoted his whole life to making music that would make people happy, to make a buck as well to be sure. But in the end, it was to make people happy. He built Never Land ranch for kids, and all because some money hungry gold digging bitch wanted her share of the fame, he was labeled a pedophile by the very society that he set out to make happy. And in the end, he died from it.

He died.

Is that what we want for all Celebs because we aren’t able to attain their level of wealth? Because in the times of economic stress, they have a comfy little money cushion? How shallow is that? Or what about if we don’t like their Religion. So we decide that it’s not good enough for them. So we form groups and secret societies dedicated to deflating the overall importance of that said Religion. Tom Cruise for one and Scientology for anotehr.

Or a person’s weight, like the gal from “Precious” who was asked by Weight Watchers to join their program, simply because they thought she was unhappy with her body, when it turned out she was happy and content as she was? Sometimes I think as Americans, we take the freedoms we are constitutionally granted too far, and then cause others of higher stature than us pain and suffering. All for a joke.

We often forget how fragile the Human psyche is, that if pushed over the edge, or too hard, we become broken, locked in an epic battle between who we really are as a person, and what others expect of us. Isn’t time to just let everything go for a few moments? Forget the charities, forget the drama that goes with Hollywood? forget the glitz and the glamour and the high priced peices of gem that, if we dig hard enough, we could find with a twentyfive dollar shovel?

Erin Andrews is a perfect example, a living breathing example of why we should really back off of Celebs instead of making them into these high pedastelled gods that are just out of our reach. I’m sure they enjoy the attention from time to time. But at the same time, we just need to ignore whatever hidden ques the episodes of Southpark send us, and let things progress as they will.

Will there be harder times ahead as our recovery times from recession to recession increase five fold, or ten fold for that matter? Yes of course, nothing’s ever easy, and as much as we want to think that with just a flip of a decision, all our dreams and prayers will come true.

It won’t.

There are no hidden rules or loop holes in anything we do. There are simply flaws that in time will be hammered out.

Take the Healthcare thing for another example. I read on the W ii news that some old person got ticked off and rammed his car into the bumper sticker that had Obama’s name on it, simply because healthcare passed. Why would we get that angry over something that in due time, will help us out? Why can’t we be patient while things take effect with evolution? Don’t we see that the President is trying to get this country back in good mental health?

And yes, he does have quite the tough job ahead of him.

Because Bush pretty much date raped this Country for eight years straight.

And now that there is a emocrat in office, Republicans are getting bitchy, because they’ve had their way for eight years, and they want their shiny toys back. But I don’t think we should reward bad behaviour with big bonuses, or fancy trips. In fact, I think we should let the banks that caused our economy so much pain, go out of business, and then let the little guys try their hands at banking while learnning from the mistakes of their predecessors.

So in effect, leave Erin Andrews the fuck alone you creepy bastards. Women are women, they have boobs. They have vaginas, Hell some of them even look alike last I checked. Even Black women have boobs! IT’S AMAZING! So leave the popular ones alone, because you’re not going to get the stuck up ones that you place on a pedastal. Women like confidence, they want to be able to know they you’re able to stand on your own two feet and knock them down a peg if they step out of line, and they’ll do the same for you.

Yes we have penises men, but does that actually mean we need to fuck every single thing that walks? NO! Thats what the Military is for.

So don’t ask, and really, don’t tell.

That and leave Erin Andrews alone. She has practice, and no she won’t accept the poison laced chocolates your going to send to her. If anything, send those chocolates to Glenn “Dark Forces” Beck.

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