Well folks, I heard about the Miners, and far be for me to diss the brave men and women who get our minerals from deep inside the earthy mountains. Sounding stupid, yes I know, but let’s keep it in perspective tonight shall we? The focus here is the Miners who were lost in the Montcoal disaster located in West Virginia, because let’s face it. Even though death is funny, things like this should never happen. There need to be stronger measures to protect Miners form this sort of thing!

The 25 brave souls, whom God decided to claim back into his open embrace, shall be missed, as their loved ones struggle to comprehend how something like this could happen. And since the AP is a little bitch in not letting people republish their articles, even though i always put a link and give the original owner credit… I’m going to put a link, with out the article. It was either this or rent a tank and demand I be able to publish this article. But turns out I didnt have the money, and I needed to do some shopping as well…

But that’s not the point. For the full article, here’s the link, spread this sucker around, because right now, the deceased Miner’s families need our prayers and hopes. I keep getting those two confused. At anyrate, I hope we learn the names right quick. Or I’m going to have to come up with some of my own.


Kidding. I won’t make up names for the deceased. I hope Montcoal has learned a valuable lesson in this. That better measures for Mining need to be placed in order for this sort of thing to not happen again. Seriously people. I’m sick and tired of hearing that people get offed because of something that could’ve been prevented, HAD THE APPROPRIATE MEASURES BEEN TAKEN.



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