well! im getting shit done!

Mua ha hah aha a! That is probably the most screwed up evil laugh I have ever done. Anyways, I’m just posting this to let y’all know that somewhere down the line, a line has to be drawn. Not on the line we’re going down, but somewhere on the side, so that way it doesn’t make a little cross roads. Yes my furry little friends, I think I’m back in action, I’ve just finished updating the books total contents, and there is probably more then 1000 pages, if I went through a formatted everything, edited it, and made sure the grahmer was proper. I mean, over 1000 pages by the tenth chapters end is what I’m going for after all.

On a seperate note, you’ve probably noticed the absense of my antistalker blog. Why? Because I’ve deleted it. I have all the posts backed up, and I’ve disabled the comments so Ol Hatpiss won’t be able to screw anything up by posting his retarded rantings on my blog. Like I’ve stated a few months back, I really don’t mind if people write shit about me on their own blog, but to post stupid freakish comments on my stuff is where I draw the line. Also, I know where he lives. I might just send him a little letter… if I’m feeling up to it. Meh, maybe not. Or maybe I already have! MUA HA HA HA HA! EVIL LAUGHTER ALL AROUND!

I mean, I might also get rid of a few extra blogs, simply because they’re just making the scroll bar on my profile so fucking long. Been a while since I’ve actually posted anything in My Speaky Place. So it would be a good idea to just… hold on, need to change the music. Can only listen to Techno for so long before it drains ya. Much better, FUCKING SOFT ROCK ROCKS AND SUCKS AT THE SAME TIME! damn straight i said it! whatcha going to do about it?

Well, rather than poke irrelevant fun at an OCD stricken butthurt blog stalker, who can’t admit that he’s simply too much of a chicken shit to reveal his own face… which I think I just did, I think I’ll post this little gem and relax with a movie…

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Author: Morgan James Gavin

Author, Musician, Tarot Reader, Blogger, sex icon, all around chill guy. What's your dream?

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