a few “nice” words to hauptman111

okay haupty, ill agree with you that in the past, SOMETIMES i have acted a little below the line of intelligent, but i do not agree that it was on the internet, i am quite intelligent and able to hold decent length conversations with people online. offline however, i have known myself to become a stubborn ass in my beliefs about people. althought its taken me years of self therapy excorcises to actually get over some of those speedbumps i find myself tripping over, i am highly hopeful for the future. my audience is slowly but surely growing hauptman, i have twenty four subscribers, and yes i will admit that two of those subscribers are my friends, but its still twenty four subscribers none the less.

and you only have two. my and fred. this speaks volumes about what people want from blogs, they just dont to read the same dribble over and over again, they want variety in what they read. and if i sound like im repeating myself, then i am. you see hauptman, while i still will insult the hell out of you, i will on occasion add my own opinion, whats happening around the world, and anything else that attracts my attention, that seems like it would be a good fit.

people like variety haupty, not stupid bullying plastered through out every post they come across. somehow, ive managed to find a decent mix between one third insulting a stalekr like you, one third opinion, and one third news. this is important to remember if you ever want to grow your blog hauptman. and while i could take enormous joy in peeling your ego apart like a onion, because, lets face it, you are so easy to psychoanalyze its too funny to be funny, i am not gonna anymore.


because there are times in our lives when we just have to stop with the namecalling and realize that it will simply get us no where. and on top of that, im thinking of doing something nice for you, something that would get people thinking andchange their opinion about you thus far. which i must say, is not the most pleasant. oh you should hear the things theyve been saying about you around the net haupty, youd just be amiss with ego deflating humiliation.

but lets not dwell on the socially inept blogging skills of your hands. lets dwell on the future. my future.

you see, ive written over six hundred/600 pages of my main story, nearly nine hundred pages of lyrics, nearly another eight hundred pages of myspace blogs, created well over two thousand/2000/2k/2 grand videos in the total time ive been on you tube, and have a pretty good idea of how to market myself on the internet.

where as you, are simply osme piddly shit maggot in the way of my window wiper on my path to success. you really think i wouldve allowed you to make those comments, to write those blogs, to say what you said with out some kind of plan? my god haupty, youre even duller then i originally thought!

oh as for those nice words?

have a nice fucking day asshat.

Posted via web from The mind of Morgan James Gavin

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