pissed off perverts, dumb tigers, and oh yeah… giant pill bugs from beyond the shore!

hell folks! and welcome to another edition of “why the fuck am i writing this shit?” where i try to bring you the news thats not important to anyone except the ridiculously self stroking ego masses of hollywood… and we pretend to care. why do we do this? are we somehow driven to commit acts of intollerable idiocy? do we justl ike being cruel and imbecolic to our celebrities? or is there a deeper meaning beyond what we humans can see with our own two eyes. im talking of course the SECOND death threat that warned that hail and gun fire would accompany erin andrews on the dancefloor.

can anyone please tell me why we have perverted idiots sending erin andrews emails about the weather? please? anyone? for all i can recollect, i really dont think there is actually any reason to send such hurtful things. everyone knows that if it does hail in la, its problably the frozen smog falling down during the winter. but i digress. it seems that the dan patrick show is theu ltimate in “i hate erin” emails. so why do we pay attention to these things? i mean obviously its an email, and if our stalkers are learning anything from the porn messege industry, its that you have to disguise something you really dont want, as something someone else might have an interest in.

but we have other things to worry about, other than the ho hum emails of idiots tha treally have no place sending them. in other news, someones been a bad tiger comercial producer. it seems that our friendly neighborhood tigerman has launched a somewhat truthiness filled commercial. and in the background, his dad talks to his mom. hey, im not complaining, with the masters on the tips of his fuckmatic eight billion, tiger has more things to worry about that should be a bigger concern then putting balls in holes.

because thats his job. to tak his “club” and send his “balls” flying into the “hole” on the “green”. man, he is really into some fucked up shit, isnt he?i tire of tiger! let us talk of jersey shore. i have not watching the disturbing imagery of situations fist pumping, but let me tell you this? has ANYONE in the history of stupid stereotypes, wanted to be spray tanned by someone else girlfriend? no one? me neither. of course, im fine and happy the way i am, and the next time i feel like running into some gelled up guido (part italian, i can use that word!) while fist pumping, there had beeter be someone filming that scene, and said guido best be female.

i aint fistp umping no guy. i should probably delete that last sentence…. but i wont.

in other news… people found pillbugs on steriods. and one of them is smoking crack off the road on an upcomingepisode ofi ntervention. which brings us to our next topic toniht, i apologize for not editing this, but sometimes, the greatest things are best left misunderstood. like bush in a room full of smart people smacking sarah palin around.

i will not apologize for that.

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Author: Morgan Gavin

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