custodi della realta, part 8

“Cimaṭī sē nōcanā hamalā!” a voice screamed in the distance as he shot from his hands a great pair of tweezers that plucked the single most painful hair from Morgan’s nose.

Son of a bitch!” he cried, as tears rolled from his eyes, and slammed into the ground, drowning a nearby town of Ants holding a Townhall over the local gang of ant eaters that had been terrorizing the neighborhood. Morgan looked down and seemingly found the corrupt Ant Mayor trying to escape, he licked the ant up and destroyed him with his mighty wolf like paws. “Damn it… Samson… I think we have bigger things to worry about then pile driving seagulls!” Morgan barked as he shook his ruby fur free of tar that had mysteriously appeared on him. It turned out that a local oil rig had exploded off the shore of Lappy Lake, taking with it a sizable chunk of Biscuit Barn, and most of the Chewy Mailman Leg Jerky store. Samson was not happy at all with this development at all.

Do something!” his gruff voice roared as tears streamed from his eyes.

“What!? I don’t have the Skeletal Angels with me anymore, I barely have any attacks in this form, and my Deom are busy trying to keep my body together! What the fuck do you expect me to do about it!? Sokei bu no kikku wo kaitai!” Morgan howled, as a seventeen foot tall giant with pleated cleats rushed from a cherry scented puff of smoke and with one fierce and fiery kick, sent the mysterious, tweezer weilding, assasin into the night sky.

“Wow… that was amazing. And stupid.” Samson barked. “So Master, are there more of these dangerous things coming after you? Because if so, I’d like to lend a hand.”

Morgan thought on it for a bit.

‘Should I leave a peaceful planet, leaving behind my life as a awesome looking ruby covered wolf? Or should I stay here, and occasionally get into fights that might very well cost me my life? I’ll leave. The biscuits are terrible.’ Morgan said inwardly. Samson looked at the night sky and noticed a red strand floating through the air, twisting and turning as it did so.

 “Master? What’s that?” the Brindle Boxer asked as he motioned towards the strange sight in the sky.

“That? Dunno… but I really don’t like it.

In the ruins of the Council of Ten’s meeting room, Technarl pressed a few buttons on the side of the thick glass. His mostly mechanical body had been beaten to nearly a oily scrap heap as he sputtered black smoke, sparks shot form the broken, exposed, wiring in his neck.

“Come on, come on!” he muttered under his breath, hoping that the person in the cylinder would wake up and help him fight off the Bloody Strands invasion. Though he now knew it was hopeless. He finished putting in the proper key code just as a bleeding drill, composed of tightly wound string, burst through his palm from the back of his shoulder.

 “We can’t have you returning this one from his sleep! Just imagine how much his mind would twist and turn trying to figure out why he’s dead!” the Bloody Strands said as the Golden Strands took on a more recognizable form.

“Would you knock it off Sister!? We have more important things to worry about than that thing… what ever it is.” the body said snidely. The Bloody Strands rejoined its Brother and cooed happily.

“But don’t you want everything to go perfectly?” her voiced mixed with his voice asked quietly.

“No… I just want things to start as soon as possible. Now come with me. I want to show you something that I think you will definitely love!” the Golden Strands shouted with a slight enthusiasm. The Bloody Strands had no other real choice except to obey.

In a weird twist of fate, the Chasm’s recreation of the Dream Dimension randomly twisted reality so that one place and situation would warp into  another. And this meant trouble for Morgan, Aneeh, and Antimo who were in the midst of fighting off Demonic, Zombified, toilet seat covers with the picture of Dora the Explorer on them.

“Shibō no tsume: Toripuru tatsumaki no surasshu!” Morgan raged as the long forgotten blue magma shot up his arm attached to one thousand feet of razor edged chain links.

“Shibō no tsume: Kage no dimenshonsuraisu!”  the demonic zombie toiletseat covers stood no chance as Dora the Explorer burst into fiery bits and starting swearing in Spanish for no other reason than to piss parents off all over the universe.

Mierda se lame el coño por el castigo anal!!” all ten thousand of her screamed with a villainous intent. Morgan shrugged his shoulders as he tapped Antimo, who was busy shredding evil doilies, on the shoulder.

“You get any of that?” the Ruby Wolf asked patiently.

Antimo nodded in glee. “She said something about her liking anal punishment. It gets a little fuzzy from there.” the scene changed from demonic Dora toilet covers to a world filled with killer Peeps.

“PEEPS! YOU SHALL DIE A HELLISH, EASTER THEMED DEATH! AND THE CORPSES OF YOUR COMRADES SHOVED INTO…where ever you have mouths!” Antimo shrieked at the top of his four lungs.


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Author: Morgan Gavin

Author, Youtuber: YT/dr3arms, Universal Receiver at Amazon, all around chill guy, I talk about trendy things and mocha lott- LIES! I talk about whatever I want. Lol?

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