a few thoughts

recently i read the marvel ultimatum thingy. and it was good. im sorry that i havent been posting much the last few days. ive been tied up in family affairs. yup, ive got a family, actually to be honest, i live with my folks. and ive ot nothing to hide, so you haters bring it on, ill embarrass the shit out of you before you can say “world wide blog”. but rather than rant and rave about the stupidity of other peoples lack of intelluctual understanding of what im trying to accomplish. ill just let you know of the few chanes im planning to make to this blog.

if you cant tell, of if you can, ive changed the number of blogs you can read at any one time to… well one. i dont know why i did this, when in thep ast, ive been generous as fuck with cotent. but then again, ive been generous about a lot of things lately. the first of many has predominantly been my usually humor filled takes and slants on hauptman111, our local terrorist of blogs at large. or in need of viagra. he cant et it up folks. lol. but in all seriousness thats another chane ive made to this monster of a thing. ive removed the stalker blog, because it did nothing more than incite my general hatred for his piece of trash existence. nuff said.

some other changes im goin to be making, are the removal of any inactive blogs i might have set up. this includes stuff ive set up that have generally been an eyesore, and plus, im usually too lazy to actually do anything with them, oh ive tried a few times. but lets face it, im more focused on my blog book, than  one of them useless peices of crap. hey, got get my lumps in somewhere ight?

another thing, chat roulette hell is going down permanently. i admit that while ive loved making an ass out of myself for the pure enjoyment factor, i no longer really enjoy making an ss out of myself on either youtube, which for some apparently oblivious reason, people think ive just uploaded those videos. MY GOD PEOPLE ON YOUTUBE ARE FUCKING STUPID! its absurd. unfortunately this includes a number of other blogs that in time telling, ill add to my growing list of casualties. not surprising though is the simple fact im going to be adding one blog at a time instead of forcing so many things down my own throat.

yay me. i guess, at any rate, ill try to get part 8.2 written tommorow, because more than anything, i really do hate leaving a project unfinished. and its through this same determination, that i truly do keep my sanity intact. and also insult the fuck out of fred phelps, the bastards thats fucking bashing on gay and lesbian rights. and that was a shout to a… a… i cant really call her a friend… so ill call her an enemy! i foret who im talking about, but im sure she knows who she is. and thats good enough for me.

things staying:

my speaky place
this blog
my story blog
debate of factions (because it dearly needs to revamped.)

things nixed:

antistalker blog
and pretty much anything not in the prementioned list.


or i might completely foret all of this and keep insulting the hell out of my stalker, goerge grant. i will find a picture of his ass andp ut it here. or maybe not. im still undecided. also, on a side note: i am incredibly wipedo ut from all the reading ive done in the past. that and i really need to stop writing and get to the editing process. so much to do… it would be fucking easier if i had someone to collab with in writing this, but i guess ill just plod along with my sexy self. lol.

no editing tonight, deal with it, those of you that are annoyed with me.

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Author: Morgan James Gavin

Author, Musician, Tarot Reader, Blogger, sex icon, all around chill guy. What's your dream?

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