Posting on Posterous to have Posterous view my post on Posterous…. WTF!?

So, usually I have music going while I’m writing, but I’m enjoying the silence, gives my mind a break from the humdrum of the weekdays and the thumping vibrations of the Trance music I got playing… or usually do. You heard right, I love Techno, or any kind of Electronica! Mua ha ha ha! Evil laughter all around. But besides that, i just found out something awesome:

Hauptman has swine flu.

I wish… but more than that:

Posterous, THE Posterous, has subbed my blof fiction blog. Hell’s yeah! Anyways, I hope I can keep Posterous happy, because I love this place, and it just gives me a breather from all the Myspace drama, or FB drama, or anything else that happens to come my  way, but I don’t think that’ll have any real affect on my writing style. Anyways, just thought I’d let you fine folks know.

ALSO, VERY IMPORTANTE NOTIFICA: Since I have everything backed up story wise, I might just start a refresher blog for those of you who have no fucking clue how the story built up to its current part. Shoulld be fun! For you, but I’ll try to keep everything fresh and easy for y’all to digest (or not.)

BTW? Me saying I’ll try to keep Posterous happy, sounds kinda like some dude offering a sacrifice to their Diety of choice. But if anything, Posterous is a fucking god of blogging. Just don’t go fucking it up by adding games or apps. I like this place as it is, a site for people to vent their various frustrations upon the world in a non-violent, eco-friendly way.

PS? I love you, I want your blog babies. Purrr.

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